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  1. Crystal structure of the CC1-FHA tandem of Kinesin-3 KIF13A PDB

    ID: PDB:5DJO

    Description: Kinesin-like protein KIF13A

  2. Crystal structure of the Kinesin-3 KIF13A NC-CC1 mutant - Deletion of P390 PDB

    ID: PDB:5DJN

    Description: Kinesin-like protein

  3. Global analysis of the molecular targets of MBNL1 and CELF1 proteins and their potential role in DM1 BioProject

    ID: PRJNA178663

    Keywords: Transcriptome or Gene expression

    Access Type: download

    dataset.description: by RT-qPCR the exclusion of RASIP1 exon 4 and of KIF13A exon 26 and the inclusion of MBNL2 exon 5. Furthermore, we have found exclusion of LCOR exon 6 and PIP4K2C exon 1, and inclusion TCF12 exon 16, with dependence on the silencing degree of MBNL1, In MBNL1 over-expressed HeLa cells we have found and validated by RT-qPCR a potent inclusion of CD44 exon 8, CD44 exon 11 and the 3┬┤UTR of TRAF2. We have then mimicked the misregulation of MBNL1 and CELF1 protein levels of DM1 in HeLa cells, finding new altered splicing events. These alterations were found in genes that encode proteins involved in myoblast differentiation and migration (CD44, RASIP1) and muscle development (TCF12 transcription factor), estrogen and thyroid receptor interactor (LCOR), as well as proteins involved in transduction signaling pathways (PIP4K2C, TRAF2) and intracellular trafficking (KIF13A). These results provide potential contributing genes that could help to explain the complex phenotype of the DM1 disease. Overall design: In this study, we used exon array p...

Displaying 3 of 3 results for "KIF13A"