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  1. Arenaviridae BioProject

    ID: PRJNA16892

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    dataset.description: ce projections are composed of one type of protein. Surface projections are 8-10 nm long. Host ribosomes are seen inside the envelope (in varying numbers). Capsid/nucleocapsid is elongated with helical symmetry. Virions consist of two nucleocapsids. The nucleocapsid is filamentous and forming a closed circle; has a "string of beads" appearance; with a varying length with a length of 1000-1300 nm (L segment, 450-640 nm (S segment) and a width of 3-4 nm. Nucleocapsid contains a polymerase complex and a nucleoprotein complex. Nucleocapsids are organized in closed circles and display a linear array of nucleosomal subunits (when they are isolated and free of contaminating host...

Displaying 1 of 1 results for "GNG10"