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  1. FLOT2_CARAU UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: O42305

    Description: Flotillin-2 S-palmitoyl cysteine S-palmitoyl cysteine S-palmitoyl cysteine

    gene.name: flot2
  2. FLOT2_MEDTR UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: D2XNQ9

    Description: Flotillin-like protein 2 S-palmitoyl cysteine

    gene.name: FLOT2
  3. FLOT2_BOVIN UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: A6QLR4

    Description: Removed Flotillin-2 Phosphoserine N-myristoyl glycine S-palmitoyl cysteine; by ZDHHC5 S-palmitoyl cysteine S-palmitoyl cysteine; by ZDHHC5

    gene.name: FLOT2
  4. Solution Structure of the Band 7 Domain of the mouse Flotillin 2 Protein PDB

    ID: PDB:1WIN

    Description: Flotillin 2

  5. A Proteomics Approach to Identify New Cardiac Intercalated Disc Proteins OmicsDI

    ID: PXD000947

    Date Released: 04-12-2016

    Description: andidates. We selected 4 candidates (Flotillin-2 (flot2), Nexilin (nexn), Popeye-domain-containg-protein 2 (popdc2) and thioredoxin-related-transmembrane-protein 2 (tmx2)) and confirmed their co-localization with n-cadherin, and thus their enrichment in the ID of human, dog and rat heart sections and isolated cardiomyocytes...

Displaying 5 of 5 results for "FLOT2"