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    ID: A4FUD6

    Description: Engulfment and cell motility protein 2 ELMO


    ID: Q08DZ3

    Description: ELMO domain-containing protein 2 ELMO


    ID: Q3V1U8

    Description: ELMO domain-containing protein 1 ELMO


    ID: Q09292

    Description: ELMO domain-containing protein C56G7.3 ELMO

  5. Additional Table 2

    DateIssued: 10-29-2015

    Description: Protein sequences for Figure 2 (phylogeny and domain organization of CED-4/Apaf-1 homologs)


    ID: Q54UP9

    Description: Ankyrin repeat and ELMO domain-containing protein D ELMO ANK 1 ANK 2 ANK 3 ANK 4 Poly-Thr...

  7. Data from: Surprising complexity of the ancestral apoptosis network

    DateIssued: 05-31-2017

    Description: Apoptosis, one of the main types of programmed cell death, is regulated and performed by a complex protein network. Studies in model organisms, mostly in the n...

  8. Data from: The NBS-LRR architectures of plant R-proteins and metazoan NLRs evolved in independent events

    DateIssued: 02-08-2017

    Description: There are intriguing parallels between plants and animals, with respect to the structures of their innate immune receptors, that suggest universal principles of innate immunity....

Displaying 8 of 8 results for "ELMO2"