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  1. DAZP2_BOVIN UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: Q3T0K9

    Description: DAZ-associated protein 2 Pro-rich

    gene.name: DAZAP2
  2. Homo sapiens : Genome-wide identification of microRNA targets in human ES cells reveals a role for miR-302 in modulating BMP response BioProject

    ID: PRJNA80179

    Keywords: Transcriptome or Gene expression

    Access Type: download

    dataset.description: (BMP) signaling by targeting BMP inhibitors TOB2, DAZAP2, and SLAIN1. This study broadens our understanding of microRNA function in hESCs and is a valuable resource for future studies in this area....
  3. DAZP2_RAT UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: P60486

    Description: DAZ-associated protein 2 Poly-Pro

    gene.name: Dazap2

Displaying 3 of 3 results for "DAZAP2"