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  1. Expression data from human SEMDJL1 skin fibroblasts with recessive B3GALT6 mutations (GalT-II deficiency) BioProject

    ID: PRJNA251978

    Keywords: Transcriptome or Gene expression

    Access Type: download

    dataset.description: loepimetaphyseal dysplasia with joint laxity type 1 (SEMDJL1) and Ehlers–Danlos-like syndrome. Here, we report on two sisters compound heterozygous for two novel B3GALT6 mutations that presented with severe short stature and progressive kyphoscoliosis, joint hypermobility and laxity, hyperextensible skin, platyspondyly, short ilia, and elbow malalignment. Microarray-based transcriptome analysis revealed the differential expression of several genes encoding extracellular matrix (ECM) structural components, including COMP, SPP1, COL5A1, and COL15A1, enzymes involved in GAG synthesis and in ECM remodeling, such as CSGALNACT1, CHPF, LOXL3, and STEAP4, signaling transduction molecules of the TGFβ/BMP pathway, i.e., GDF6, GDF15,...

Displaying 1 of 1 results for "CSGALNACT1"