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  1. Genome wide association study of Coeliac Disease OmicsDI

    ID: EGAS00000000057

    Date Released:

    Description: We performed a second-generation genome-wide association study of 4,533 individuals with celiac disease (cases) and 10,750 control subjects. We ...

  2. Gallup/CNN/USA Today Poll # 2000-30: Pre-GOP Convention Poll Dataverse

    Description: people in the news (5); Clinton job performance (1); Al Gore job performance (1); George W. Bush job performance (1); Republican job performance (1); Democrat job performance (1); Gore (3); Bush...

    Person: The Cable News Network and USA Today

    Release Date: 08-23-2007

  3. ABC News "Nightline" GOP Strategy Poll, May 1998 ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR02490.v2

    Description: t respondents' views on the presidency and on the GOP (Republican Party), specifically in regard to the actions of Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Respondents were asked to give their opinions of President ...

    Creators: ABC News

  4. ABC News Abortion/Cuba Poll, January 1998 ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR02506.v1

    Description: es not want the baby, or if the pregnant woman is a teenager. The January 1998 papal visit to Cuba was also addressed. Respondents were asked for their opinions of President Bill Clinton, Pope John Paul II, and Cuban President Fidel Castro. Additional topics covered Clinton's handling of Cuba, the impact of the Pope's visit on Cuba, whether Cuba posed a national security threat to the United States, whether United States vital interests were at stake, whether diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba should be reestablished, and whether the trade embargo and travel rest...

    Creators: ABC News

  5. ANES Time Series Cumulative Data File (1948-2012) ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR08475.v15

    Description: The data provided in this cumulative file include a series of demographic variables and measures of social structure, partisanship, candidate evaluation, retrospective and incumbent presidential evaluation, public opinion, ideological support for the political system, mass media usage, and egalitarianism and post-materialism. Additional items provide measures of political activity, participation, and involvement, and voting behavior and registration, including results of voter validation efforts....

    Creators: American National Election Studies Stanford University

  6. ANES 1988 Time Series Study ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR09196.v4

    Description: This study is part of a time-series collection of national surveys fielded continuously since 1952. The election studies are designed to present data on ...

    Creators: Miller, Warren E. University of Michigan. Institute for Social Research. American National Election Studies

Displaying 6 of 6 results for "CLEC16A"