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    ID: PDB:2C18


  2. GCS1_OCIBA UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: Q5SBP5

    Description: Gamma-cadinene synthase DDXXD motif Magnesium or manganese 1 Magnesium or manganese 2 Magnesium or manganese

  3. GCSY1_CUCME UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: B2KSJ5

    Description: (+)-gamma-cadinene synthase DDXXD motif Magnesium 1 Magnesium 2 Magnesium 1 Magnesium 2 Magnesium...

  4. Chromatin-associated protein kinase C-0 regulates an inducible gene expression program and microRNAs in human T lymphocytes BioProject

    ID: PRJNA135505

    Keywords: Epigenomics

    Access Type: download

  5. Chromatin-associated protein kinase C-0 regulates an inducible gene expression program and microRNAs in human T lymphocytes ArrayExpress

    ID: E-GEOD-26035

    Description: inases with well known cytoplasmic functions have a surprisingly active role in the nucleus, where they are tethered to chromatin and modulate gene expression programs. Here we provide evidence for a novel function...

  6. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:36279 CIL

    ID: 36279

    Description: th Hitachi HU11A operating at 75kV. Neg. 19,500X. Bar = 0.2µm. The negative was printed to paper and the image was scanned to Photoshop. This digitized image is available for qualitative analysis. There is a high resolution version of this image in the library (CIL:39507) which is available for quantitative analysis. Additional information available at (http://www5.pbrc.hawaii.edu/allen/)....

    Data Types: image

  7. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:36630 CIL

    ID: 36630

    Description: with Philips 300 operating at 80kV. Neg. 16,000X. Bar = 0.5µm....

    Data Types: image

  8. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:9153 CIL

    ID: 9153

    Description: n of GABA neurotransmitter (30 nm gold) and delta 1/2 glutamate receptors (10 nm gold) in the cerebellar cortex molecular layer at P10. It shows Delta labeling (arrowheads) is abundant at the postsynaptic membrane of parallel ...

    Data Types: image

  9. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:36256 CIL

    ID: 36256

    Description: ars as sheets from which Golgi dictyosomes arise. A food vacuole is surrounded by primary lysosomes or cupulas. At the surface a continuous sheet of ER lies against the myonemes. TEM taken on 2/11/72 by R. Allen with Hitachi HU11A operating at 75kV. Neg. 19,500X. Bar = 0.5µm. The negati...

    Data Types: image

  10. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:36766 CIL

    ID: 36766

    Description: c. This penetrates through the septum and ends as a coated pit. This micrograph also illustrates the normal view of mitochondria in P. caudatum which are filled with tubular cristae. In cacodylate-buffered fixations the cytosol contains abundant electron-opaque glycogen storage granules which seem to be removed during collidine-buffered fixations. TEM taken on 5/28/69 by R. Allen with Philips 300 operating at 60kV. Neg. 14,800X. Bar = 0.5µm....

    Data Types: image

  11. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:36755 CIL

    ID: 36755

    Description: Paramecium caudatum is a peniculine oligohymenophoran ciliate that has numerous rows of cilia called kineties that run along the posterior to the anterior...

    Data Types: image

  12. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:36756 CIL

    ID: 36756

    Description: A grazing section through the cell’s surface shows segments of six rows of cilia running across the figure sectioned superfically...

    Data Types: image

  13. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:36271 CIL

    ID: 36271

    Description: collidine buffered fixative (not cacodylate) has a less dense cytoplasm in which oranelles are easier to recognize. The rough ER has vesiculated but this vesiculation enhances the identification of loci wher...

    Data Types: image

  14. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:10245 CIL

    ID: 10245

    Description: of cilia and cytopharyngeal vesicles containing a flocculent content of unknown composition which lie next to the cytopharynx and between the buccal cavity and what may be the nascent foo...

    Data Types: image

  15. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:17441 CIL

    ID: 17441

    Description: . This image is adapted with permission from Fig. 1 in J. Cell Biol. 49:1-20, 1971. The plasma membrane covers the exterior of the cell and this is closely attached to a mosaic of alveolar sacs internally which in this micrograph are expanded. Borders of adjacent alveolar sa...

    Data Types: image

  16. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:9536 CIL

    ID: 9536

    Description: Golgi Complex from Mammotroph of Lactating Female Rat Pituitary. In this image the content of two immature secretory granules (ISG) is c...

    Data Types: image

  17. Contact changes in shear-stabilized jammed packings Zenodo

    ID: doi:10.5281/ZENODO.59217

    Release Date: 09-03-2016

    Description: 6\) particles with harmonic interactions, under a confining pressure  \(p=10^{-7}\ldots10^{-2}\). Ensemble sizes range from 10 (N=4096) to 5000 (N=16).  In addition, a data file summarizing properties of the first contact change for each packing is provided. Particle interactions The simulation code minimizes the enthalpy \(H = \sum_{} \frac{k}{2} \delta_{ij}^2 + pL^2\) where L² is the simulation box area, p the externally applied pressure...

  18. 91 Metabolomics

    Study Name: Metabolomics analysis of multiple metabolic functions in the YjgF/YER057c/UK114protein familyMetabolomics analysis of multiple metabolic functions in ...

    Grant ID: U01 DK097430-01

    Grant: U.S. National Science Foundation award MCB-153413U.S. National Science Foundation award MCB-153413

    activity.input.material.name: 9:1 Acetonitrile:H20 + 5mM NH4OAc + 0.2% Acetic Acid9:1 Acetonitrile:H20 + 5mM NH4OAc + 0.2% Acetic Acid
  19. Transcription profiling of mouse colon gene expression associated with increased colon inflammation in IL-10-/- mice inoculated with Enterococcus sp ArrayExpress

    ID: E-GEOD-12223

    Description: ve characterization of changes in gene expression associated with the observed inflammation in the IL-10-/- mouse model has yet to be reported. Our aim was to characterize changes in colonic gene expression in IL-10-/- and C57BL/6J (C57; control) mice resulting from oral bacterial inoculation with 12 Enterococcus faecalis and faecium (EF) strains isolated from calves or poultry, complex intestinal flora (CIF) collected from healthy control mice, or a mixture of the two (EF•CIF). At 12 weeks of age, total RNA extracted from intact colon was h...

  20. 269 Metabolomics

    Study Name: Metformin effects on liver and kidney tissue

    Grant ID: U01 DK097430-01

    Grant: NIH U24DK097154

    activity.input.material.name: 1:1 ACN:H2O

Displaying 20 of 27 results for "AP1AR"