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  1. BraVa

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: digital reconstruction, morphometric analysis, cerebrum, arterial vasculature, magnetic resonance angiography, adult human, morphology, artery, arbori...

    Supporting Agency: NIH, NIMH, NIDA, Human Brain Mapping Project

  2. Human Nutrition Research Information Management

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: nutrition

    Supporting Agency: NIH

  3. NIDDK Inflammatory Bowel Disease Genetics Consortium

    Resource Type: biomaterial supply resource, cell repository, data set

    Keyword: dna, cell line, serum, lymphocyte, lymphoblastoid cell line, gene, loci, genetic analysis, blood, phenotype, genome-wide association study, genotype, ...

    Supporting Agency: NIDDK

  4. Diabetes Research in Children Network

    Resource Type: research forum portal, data set, slide, clinical trial, bibliography

    Keyword: child, experimental protocol, monitoring device, glycemic control, hypoglycemia, glucose monitor, quality of life, neurocognitive function, treatment,...

    Supporting Agency: NIH, Special Type 1 Diabetes Funds, NICHD

  5. dkNET

    Resource Type: community building portal, database

    Keyword: data resource, kidney, digestion, disease, urology, hematology, digestive, nutrition

    Supporting Agency: NIDDK

  6. BAMS Nested Regions

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: neural circuitry, brain region, brain

    Supporting Agency: NIMH, NINDS, NIBIB

  7. NRF Contacts

    Resource Type: people resource, data set

    Keyword: director, military, neurodegenerative disease, program officer, 2008, neuroscience

    Supporting Agency: NIH, NIMH, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

  8. National Survey of Self-Care and Aging

    Resource Type: data set

    Keyword: late adult human, longitudinal, interview, self-care, daily living, behavior, chronic condition, medical, health promotion, disease prevention, social...

    Supporting Agency: NIA

  9. DAVID

    Resource Type: database, data analysis service, web service

    Keyword: functional domain, annotation, motif, protein, ontology enrichment, gene, high-throughput, functional classification, functional annotation, clusterin...

    Supporting Agency: NIAID

  10. Alignable Tight Genomic Cluster

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: gene, genomic cluster, genomic sequence, ortholog, paralog, prokaryotic genomic, protein, protein classification

    Supporting Agency: Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute, NLM, DOE

  11. Candida Genome Database

    Resource Type: database, data repository

    Keyword: protein, chromosome, classification, gene, genome, candidiasis, thrush, yeast, yeast gene, yeast genome, candida albicans, candida glabrata, data anal...

    Supporting Agency: NIDCR

  12. EarLab

    Resource Type: database, software application, audio track, data analysis service

    Keyword: audio, hearing, auditory processing, human, non-human animal, model, ear, sound, auditory model, module, cochlea, middle ear, audiogram,

    Supporting Agency: NIMH, NIDCD

  13. Community Structure-Activity Resource

    Resource Type: data repository, data set

    Keyword: crystal structure, binding affinity, protein-ligand complex, protein, small molecule, ligand, compound

    Supporting Agency: NIGMS

  14. Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank

    Resource Type: data repository, database

    Keyword: biomolecular, chemical, chemical shift, chemistry, j-coupling, metabolite, protein structure, spectroscopy, structure, nuclear magnetic resonance spec...

    Supporting Agency: NLM

  15. Ensembl

    Resource Type: database, data analysis service, web service

    Keyword: gene, genome, annotation, regulatory, sequence, variation, metazoic, comparative genomics, genetic variation, regulatory data, dna, cell, chromosome, ...

    Supporting Agency: Wellcome Trust, EMBL, European Union, FP7, FP6, MRC, NHGRI, BBSRC,

  16. BioCyc

    Resource Type: data analysis service, software resource, web service, database

    Keyword: (null)

    Supporting Agency: NIGMS


    Resource Type: database, expression atlas, reference atlas

    Keyword: gene expression, adult mouse, annotated, c57bl6, mouse, mouse embryo, mrna, non radioactive in situ hybridization, light microscopy, molecular neuroan...

    Supporting Agency: Burroughs Wellcome Fund, European Union, Max Planck Society, Merck Genome Research Institute, Romansky Endowment, NINDS, BMBF

  18. EcoCyc

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: genome, metabolic pathway, transcription, transporters, escherichia coli, transcriptional regulation, metabolism, pathway

    Supporting Agency: NIGMS, NCRR,

  19. Molecular Simulation Trajectories Archive of a Villin Variant

    Resource Type: d spatial image, data set

    Keyword: dynamic, atom, headpiece, molecular, simulation, solvent, protein folding, villin, molecule, trajectory, simulation, molecular dynamics trajectory

    Supporting Agency: Stanford University; California; USA, Graduate Fellowship, NIH, NSF

  20. Primate Embryo Gene Expression Resource

    Resource Type: topical portal, biomaterial manufacture, biomaterial supply resource, database

    Keyword: primate, embryo, gene, expression, embryologist, microarray, rhesus, monkey, oocyte, embryo, cdna, library, molecular, analysis, stem cell, oocyte qua...

    Supporting Agency: NCRR

Displaying 20 of 537 results for " "