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  1. Open TG-GATEs LSDB

    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc00954-01-000

    Description: Toxicogenomics Project (TGP) is a government-private companies collaborative project started by the National Institute of Biomedical, the Nationa...

    Date: 01-18-2012

  2. BodyParts3D 3D structure database for anatomical concepts LSDB

    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc00837-000

    Description: Dictionary-type database for anatomy in which anatomical concepts are represented by 3D structure data that specify corresponding segments of a three-...

    Date: 05-08-2017

  3. Q-TARO QTL Annotation Rice Online database LSDB

    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc01234-000

    Description: This is a database of Rice QTL information extracted from published research papers.From 1214 reports, we selected 5096 QTLs. The positions of these Q...

    Date: 06-01-2010

  4. ConfC Database of conformation changes in protein structures LSDB

    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc00400-000

    Description: This database extracts this dynamic information from the protein structure being obtained now and is consist of three kinds of sub-database, that is, ...


  5. TMBETA-GENOME Annotation of Beta-Barrel Membrane Proteins in Genomic Sequences LSDB

    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc00713-000

    Description: TMBETA-GENOME is a database for transmembrane β-barrel proteins in complete genomes. For each genome, calculations with machine learning algorithms a...


  6. RED II INAHO Rice Expression Database II INAHO LSDB

    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc01557-000

    Description: The Rice Expression Database II INAHO (RED II INAHO) is a database that analyzed the gene expression of rice using a 60-mer oligonucleotide microarray...

    Date: 04-01-2009

  7. AcEST Adiantum capillus-veneris EST LSDB

    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc00839-000

    Description: This is a database of EST sequences of Adiantum capillus-veneris determined by Tokyo Metropolitan University, and the results of the blastx search bet...

    Date: 05-08-2017

  8. fRNAdb Functional RNA Database LSDB

    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc00452-000

    Description: fRNAdb is a novel database service that hosts a large collection of non-coding transcripts including annotated/non-annotated sequences from the H-inv ...

    Date: 05-08-2017

  9. RGP estmap2001 RGP : A YAC-Based Rice Transcript Map Containing 6591 EST Sites LSDB

    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc00318-04-000

    Description: This database provides the information about the YAC-based rice transcript map (Wu et al, Plant Cell 14, 2002), containing 6591 EST sites that was use...

    Date: 02-16-2002


    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc00951-000

    Description: KAIKOcDNA is a database of cDNA (EST) information accumulated by the Silkworm Genome Research Program (SGP).

    Date: 11-11-2011

  11. ClEST Cimex lectularius EST LSDB

    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc01137-000

    Description: Expressed sequence tags (EST) database of unique organs and whole bodies of the bedbug, Cimex lectularius


  12. Taxonomy Icon LSDB

    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc00805-000

    Description: Taxonomy Icon is a collection of icons (illustrations) of biological species that is free to use and distribute. More than 200 icons of various specie...

    Date: 09-01-2011

  13. AT Atlas Advanced Technologies Atlas LSDB

    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc01162-000

    Description: AT Atlas will make you familiar with the accomplishments by research groups of "Protein Production", "Structural Analysis" and "Chemical Regulation" i...

    Date: 03-31-2012

  14. Nikkaji-InChI Mapping Table LSDB

    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc01530-01-000

    Description: This is  mapping data of Nikkaji Number (chemical substances identifier), InChI, and InChIKey in Nikkaji ( which ...

    Date: 08-26-2016


    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc00318-02-000

    Description: According to the publication of our high-density RFLP linkage map in the journal "Genetics" (January 1998), we provide here a large amount of relevant...

    Date: 01-17-1998

  16. RED Rice Expression Database LSDB

    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc00315-000

    Description: The Rice Expression Database (RED) is a database that aggregates the gene expression data that has been analyzed using 8987EST array in the Microarray...


  17. CREATE portal LSDB

    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc00403-000

    Description: KDRI has cloned ~2000 mouse homologs of human KIAA genes and prepared ~2000 rabbit polyclonal antibodies against respective mouse KIAA (mKIAA) protein...


  18. Dicty_cDB Dictyostelium cDNA Database LSDB

    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc00419-000

    Description: Dicty_cDB is a publicly available gene information database comprising the primary information obtained by EST analysis of Dictyostelium discoideum, w...

    Date: 05-08-2017

  19. RGP gmap2000 RGP: The Latest High-Density Rice Genetic Map, Including 3267 Markers LSDB

    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc00318-03-000

    Description: We provide here the 2000 version of linkage map, which consists of 3267 RFLP marker information including nearly 1000 new RFLP markers which was produ...

    Date: 11-30-2000

  20. PLACE A Database of Plant Cis-acting Regulatory DNA Elements LSDB

    ID: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc00168-000

    Description: PLACE is a database of motifs found in plant cis-acting regulatory DNA elements based on previously published reports on vascular plants including the...

    Date: 01-08-2007

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