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  1. MDPPublish-39907 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-39907

    Description: HDL cholesterol, after 17 wks on atherogenic diet (male)

  2. MDPPublish-36106 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-36106

    Description: preference for 450mM NaCl solution (male)

  3. MDPPublish-31621 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-31621

    Description: Fowler dead space volume to total lung capacity (male)

  4. MDPPublish-12806 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-12806

    Description: final body weight after 8 wks on atherogenic diet (female)

  5. MDPPublish-25107 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-25107

    Description: interval between R-waves (female)

  6. MDPPublish-40402 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-40402

    Description: systolic blood pressure (Hg pressure) (male)

  7. MDPPublish-20326 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-20326

    Description: bone mineral density (female)

  8. MDPPublish-32824 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-32824

    Description: alanine aminotransferase (plasma), after 8 wks on atherogenic diet (male)

  9. MDPPublish-10821 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-10821

    Description: fold change in phospholipid transfer protein activity after 6 wks on atherogenic diet (female)

  10. MDPPublish-32207 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-32207

    Description: carrageenan-induced hyperalgesia, latency to respond (male)

  11. MDPPublish-39234 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-39234

    Description: daily caloric intake (male)

  12. MDPPublish-12827 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-12827

    Description: hepatic cholesterol concentration, after 8 wks on atherogenic diet (esterified per g liver) (female)

  13. MDPPublish-36101 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-36101

    Description: age at start of NaCl test (male)

  14. MDPPublish-45127 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-45127

    Description: calculated fat weight (male)

  15. MDPPublish-49864 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-49864

    Description: Tecott L

  16. CANDLEPublish-10306 GeneNetwork

    ID: CANDLEPublish-10306

    Description: Frances Tylavsky, CANDLE

  17. CANDLEPublish-10311 GeneNetwork

    ID: CANDLEPublish-10311

    Description: Frances Tylavsky, CANDLE

  18. CANDLEPublish-10330 GeneNetwork

    ID: CANDLEPublish-10330

    Description: Frances Tylavsky, CANDLE

  19. CANDLEPublish-10335 GeneNetwork

    ID: CANDLEPublish-10335

    Description: Frances Tylavsky, CANDLE

  20. CANDLEPublish-10305 GeneNetwork

    ID: CANDLEPublish-10305

    Description: Frances Tylavsky, CANDLE

Displaying 20 of 4,622 results for " "