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  1. GitHub repository gitter-lab/pria_lifechem software archive CEDAR

    Description: Virtual screening on PriA-SSB and RMI-FANCM with the LifeChem library.

  2. genome-analysis-workflows CWL workflow definitions for executing MGI analysis pipelines CEDAR

    Description: CWL and docker based pipelines for analysis of high-throughput sequence data on local or cloud compute

  3. Cerebral Cortex cloud platform example code CEDAR

    Description: Example code that to demonstrate the capabilities of the Cerebral Cortex Kernel


    Description: This is a statistical fusion detection algorithm particularly engineered for screening big RNA sequencing databases

  5. Tools and workflow to produce VCF files from BAM files using Google Cloud Pipelines CEDAR

    Description: Although Google Cloud Genomics and Sentieon pipelines support robust tools to obtain high quality VCFs from BAM files, obtaining VCF files from these ...

  6. Processed ATAC-seq from dorsolateral-prefrontal cortex in adult brain CEDAR

    Description: Processed data ATAC-seq data from 341 samples from dorsolateral-prefrontal cortex samples of individuals with schizophrenia and control

  7. iTextMine CEDAR

    Description: iTextMine is an Integrated Text Mining System for Large Scale Knowledge Extraction from Literature. The system employs parallel processing for dockeri...

  8. OpenNeuro-processed CEDAR

    Description: OpenNeuro dataset processed with various neuroimaging tools and pipelines

  9. Regtools software CEDAR

    Description: Source code for the regtools application

  10. Protein Ontology (PRO) CEDAR

    Description: Protein Ontology (PRO) provides an ontological representation of protein-related entities by explicitly defining them and showing the relationships be...

  11. GTEx exon-exon-junction-level expression summary for Snaptron CEDAR

    Description: GTEx exon-exon-junction-level expression summary from the Snaptron collection. Format is a tab-separated text file compressed and indexed using BGZip...

  12. WGS_Liver_Cancer_Mouse_Project SRA

    Accession: ERX1005144

    Organism: Mus musculus

    Size: 261.1

  13. WGS_Liver_Cancer_Mouse_Project SRA

    Accession: ERX1005139

    Organism: Mus musculus

    Size: 259.92

  14. WGS_Liver_Cancer_Mouse_Project SRA

    Accession: ERX1005137

    Organism: Mus musculus

    Size: 260.36

  15. WGS_Liver_Cancer_Mouse_Project SRA

    Accession: ERX1005132

    Organism: Mus musculus

    Size: 258.18

  16. WGS_Liver_Cancer_Mouse_Project SRA

    Accession: ERX1005124

    Organism: Mus musculus

    Size: 303.13

  17. WGS_Liver_Cancer_Mouse_Project SRA

    Accession: ERX1005158

    Organism: Mus musculus

    Size: 274.1

  18. Identification of Global DNA Methylation Signatures in Glioblastoma-Derived Cancer Stem Cells SRA

    Accession: SRX1070580

    Organism: Homo sapiens

    Size: 5773.09

  19. Identification of Global DNA Methylation Signatures in Glioblastoma-Derived Cancer Stem Cells SRA

    Accession: SRX1070575

    Organism: Homo sapiens

    Size: 1035.09

  20. ALK-ATI ALK variant raw sequence reads SRA

    Accession: SRX1069163

    Organism: Homo sapiens

    Size: 74.52

Displaying 20 of 43,143 results for " "