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  1. An analysis of optic flow observed by infants during natural activities Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7QP46

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  2. Infant-specific gaze patterns in response to radial optic flow Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7.252

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  3. CogDevSoc 2013 Workshop: Computational Models of Development Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7.303

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  4. When do infants begin to follow a point? Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7MS3X

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  5. Different Gestalt processing for different actions? Comparing object-directed reaching and looking time measures Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B78G6V

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  6. Four-month-olds' discrimination of optic flow patterns depicting different directions of observer motion Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7Z593

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  7. Measuring the development of social attention using free-viewing Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B79G65

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  8. The Social Origins of Sustained Attention in One-Year-Old Human Infants Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7.236

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  9. Children's Brain Responses to Optic Flow Vary by Pattern Type and Motion Speed Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7QG6W

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  10. Multisensory Attention Assessment Protocol (MAAP) Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7.326

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  11. Infants crawling and walking over high and low bridges Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7MW2K

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  12. Absence of Construct Validity in Standard False Belief Tasks Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7Z300

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  13. Cultural transmission of social essentialism Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7D594

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  14. Excerpts of Crawling Procedure & Locomotor History Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B75K5K

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  15. The development of predictive processes in children’s discourse understanding Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B72018

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  16. CIAO1_YEAS7 UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: A6ZYM0

    Description: Probable cytosolic iron-sulfur protein assembly protein 1 WD 1 WD 2 WD 3 WD 4 WD 5 WD 6 WD 7

  17. CIAO1_ANOGA UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: Q7PS24

    Description: Probable cytosolic iron-sulfur protein assembly protein Ciao1 WD 1 WD 2 WD 3 WD 4 WD 5 WD 6 WD 7

  18. BUK_GEOSE UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: P54621

    Description: Probable butyrate kinase

  19. CADM3_RAT UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: Q1WIM3

    Description: Cell adhesion molecule 3 Extracellular Helical Cytoplasmic Ig-like V-type Ig-like C2-type 1 Ig-like C2-type 2 Poly-Ser Phosphoserine N-linked (GlcNAc....

  20. BZZ1_SCHPO UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: Q09746

    Description: Protein BZZ1 F-BAR SH3 1 SH3 2 Phorbol-ester/DAG-type

Displaying 20 of 438,256 results for " "