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  1. Serial block face scanning electron microscopy image stack of larval zebrafish olfactory bulb JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T1MS3QN7

    Release Date: 08-01-2016

  2. Data associated with publication "Dynamic modulation of visual and electrosensory gains for locomotor control” JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T1D798BQ

    Release Date: 01-31-2017

  3. Data associated with the Real-Time Monitoring of Under-Five Mortality (RMM) project JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T1F769G3

    Release Date: 01-31-2017

  4. Immigrant Incorporation in East Asian Democracies (IIEAD) Project: Focus Group Interviews in Japan JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T1PN93HH

    Release Date: 04-02-2017

  5. c_angaria Wormbase

    ID: WS232

    Is about: Caenorhabditis angaria

    Grant Name: # U41 HG002223

  6. c_tropicalis Wormbase

    ID: WS226

    Is about: Caenorhabditis tropicalis

    Grant Name: # U41 HG002223

  7. Data associated with Improved Method for Interpretation of Concentration-Discharge Relationships in Riverine Water-Quality Data JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T18G8HM0

    Release Date: 01-31-2017

  8. Data associated with the Integrated Community Case Management of Childhood Illness (iCCM) project JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T19G5JRC

    Release Date: 04-02-2017

  9. Data associated with Wu et al. 2016 Tuning and stabilizing topological insulator Bi2Se3 in the intrinsic regime by charge extraction with organic over... JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T1RF5RZ7

    Release Date: 03-24-2017

  10. Data associated with publication “Walking dynamics are symmetric (enough)” JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T15Q4T12

    Release Date: 01-31-2017

  11. Raw monitoring data and WRTDS estimates of nutrient and sediment loadings at four upstream monitoring sites in the Susquehanna River Basin from 1980s ... JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T17H1GG5

    Release Date: 01-31-2017

  12. b_malayi Wormbase

    ID: WS251

    Is about: Brugia malayi

    Grant Name: # U41 HG002223

  13. c_sinica Wormbase

    ID: WS230

    Is about: Caenorhabditis sinica

    Grant Name: # U41 HG002223

  14. s_ratti Wormbase

    ID: WS247

    Is about: Strongyloides ratti

    Grant Name: # U41 HG002223

  15. Data associated with the PLOS publication "Correlates of intra-household ITN use in Liberia: A multilevel analysis of household survey data" JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T14Q7RW8

    Release Date: 03-24-2017

  16. Data associated with publication “Figure-ground organization in visual cortex for natural scenes.” JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T1C8276W

    Release Date: 03-24-2017

  17. Data Associated with Harris15 at the Open Connectome Project JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T11Z429Q

    Release Date: 07-15-2015

  18. Raw monitoring data and WRTDS estimates of nutrient and sediment loadings at three monitoring sites in the lower Susquehanna River Basin from 1978 to ... JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T13R0QRF

    Release Date: 01-31-2017

  19. c_remanei Wormbase

    ID: WS185

    Is about: Caenorhabditis remanei

    Grant Name: # U41 HG002223

  20. c_elegans Wormbase

    ID: WS235

    Is about: Caenorhabditis elegans

    Grant Name: # U41 HG002223

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