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  1. C. elegans RNA Sequence for viral discovery UCSF-CTSI

    ID: doi:10.7272/Q65Q4T1R

    Release Date: 12-19-2016


    ID: doi:10.7272/Q6W66HPN

    Release Date: 12-19-2016

  3. Comparison of Outcomes before and after Ohio's Law Mandating Use of the FDA-Approved Protocol for Medication Abortion: A Retrospective Cohort ... UCSF-CTSI

    ID: doi:10.7272/Q600001H

    Release Date: 11-17-2016

  4. Voxel-wise co-analysis of macro- and microstructural brain alteration in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's disease using anatomical ... UCSF-CTSI

    ID: doi:10.7272/Q6MW2F2N

    Release Date: 12-19-2016


    ID: doi:10.7272/Q6G15XS4

    Release Date: 04-10-2017

  6. Voxel-wise co-analysis of macro- and microstructural brain alteration in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's disease using anatomical and diffus... UCSF-CTSI

    ID: doi:10.7272/Q6VD6WCX

    Release Date: 12-03-2012

  7. Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration (FTLD) UCSF-CTSI

    ID: doi:10.7272/Q62Z13FS

    Release Date: 12-19-2016

  8. Head and Neck Musculoskeletal Biomechanics SimTK

    ID: neck_mechanics

    Description: This project contains models, images and data for analysis of the neck musculoskeletal system. This includes skeletal geometry, muscle anatomy and jo...

  9. How Tendon Compliance Affects the Metabolic Cost of Running SimTK

    ID: metabolics_run

    Description: We investigated the effect of tendon compliance on the metabolic cost of running using a full-body musculoskeletal model with a detailed model of musc...

  10. Torso + Lower Extremity Model SimTK

    ID: torso_legs

    Description: This project contains an OpenSIM model file that includes a torso segment in addition to the lower extremity. The model contains 23 degrees of freedom...

  11. iAMOEBA, an Inexpensive AMOEBA Polarizable Water Model SimTK

    ID: iamoeba

    Description: iAMOEBA is an inexpensive and highly accurate polarizable water model. It is based on the AMOEBA model (Ren and Ponder, J. Phys. Chem. B, 2003). We ...

  12. OpenSim Musculoskeletal Model of a Sheep Hind Limb SimTK

    ID: sheep_hind_limb

    Description: The purpose of this study was to develop a musculoskeletal model of an adult sheep hind limb and investigate the effects of treadmill walking speed on...

  13. A Python implementation of the multistate Bennett acceptance ratio (MBAR) SimTK

    ID: pymbar

    Description: pymbar has migrated to GitHub:

  14. Sam's Simulations SimTK

    ID: samsim

    Description: This project is intended to serve as a repository for software developed for physics-based simulation of human motion, as part of the work in the Neur...

  15. A trajectory of ribosomal translocation w Internal Coordinate Flexible Fitting SimTK

    ID: ribosome-icf

    Description: This contains the manuscript, fitted structures, trajectory, and movies for the flexible fitting of the ribosome to Fischer et al.'s density maps.

  16. Weighted histogram analysis method with Bayesian bootstrapping SimTK

    ID: wham_bb_twod

    Description: The free energy (or the potential of mean force) along a set of reaction coordinates is a central quantity in computational chemistry. Umbrella sampl...

  17. ME/BIOE 485 (Modeling and Simulation of Human Movement) SimTK

    ID: me485

    Description: This project is a central repository for reading materials, assignments, and student-written computer code related to ME/BIOE 485 (Modeling and Simula...

  18. Analysis of arm swing during human walking SimTK

    ID: arm_swing

    Description: This project provides a simplified version of the UpperLowerBodySimple model from the ULB-project, which was adjusted with the purpose to decrease the...

  19. Comparison of Hexahedral and Tetrahedral Elements in FE modeling of Foot SimTK

    ID: meshcomparison

    Description: This project compares the performance of hexahedral and tetrahedral elements in finite element modeling of the foot and footwear

  20. Molecular Dynamics Language (MDL) SimTK

    ID: mdl

    Description: The Molecular Dynamics Language (MDL) is intended to allow users to represent molecular dynamics (MD) simulations at a high level. This includes the ...

Displaying 20 of 337 results for " "