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  1. Parafoveal magnification UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-851291

    Release Date: 01-07-2015

  2. UK Omnibus 2012 (Poverty and Social Exclusion module) UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-851403

    Release Date: 01-07-2015

  3. Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual employees' experience of discrimination, bullying and harassment at work UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-851358

    Release Date: 01-05-2016

  4. The Economics of World War II in Southeast Asia UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-851377

    Release Date: 01-07-2015

  5. Global Uncertainties: Security In an Africa of Networked, Multi-Level Governance UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-851233

    Release Date: 01-07-2015

  6. Improving Evidence Sharing in the Health and Social Care for Older People through an Evaluated Practitioner Research Programme UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-851482

    Release Date: 01-07-2015

  7. Centre for Learning and Life Chances in Knowledge Economies and Societies (LLAKES) UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-851427

    Release Date: 01-07-2015

  8. Governing by inspection: interviews with inspectors about their work UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-851455

    Release Date: 01-07-2015

  9. Primary mathematics and social pedagogic collaborative group work in primary schools in England and Hong Kong (the HK-UK SPeCTRM project) UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-851512

    Release Date: 09-09-2016

  10. Inattentive Consumers in Markets of Services UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-851498

    Release Date: 01-07-2015

  11. The Social Complexity of Immigration and Diversity: Voter Model Data UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-851507

    Release Date: 01-07-2015

  12. The socio-cultural and learning experiences of working class students in Higher Education. UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-851529

    Release Date: 01-07-2015

  13. UK Omnibus 2012 (Poverty and Social Exclusion module) UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-851544

    Release Date: 01-07-2015

  14. The architecture of human face processing in typical and atypical populations: Combining behavioural and electrophysiological measures UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-850947

    Release Date: 01-07-2015

  15. Localising International Law: Examining the Outreach Strategies of the War Crimes Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-850976

    Release Date: 01-07-2015

  16. Protestant-Catholic Conflict: Historical Legacies and Contemporary Realities UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-850960

    Release Date: 01-07-2015

  17. Causes of Compliance: The EU and the WTO UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-850945

    Release Date: 01-07-2015

  18. The Role of Sensory-Motor and Affective Information in Meaning Representation UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-851078

    Release Date: 03-16-2015

  19. Investigating Adolescent Violence towards Parents UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-851150

    Release Date: 01-07-2015

  20. Ageing in Rural China: Exploring the Impact of Rural-Urban Migration on Familial Support for Older People UKDA

    ID: doi:10.5255/UKDA-SN-851098

    Release Date: 01-07-2015

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