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  1. An analysis of optic flow observed by infants during natural activities Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7QP46

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  2. Infant-specific gaze patterns in response to radial optic flow Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7.252

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  3. CogDevSoc 2013 Workshop: Computational Models of Development Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7.303

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  4. When do infants begin to follow a point? Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7MS3X

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  5. Different Gestalt processing for different actions? Comparing object-directed reaching and looking time measures Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B78G6V

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  6. Four-month-olds' discrimination of optic flow patterns depicting different directions of observer motion Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7Z593

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  7. Measuring the development of social attention using free-viewing Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B79G65

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  8. The Social Origins of Sustained Attention in One-Year-Old Human Infants Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7.236

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  9. Children's Brain Responses to Optic Flow Vary by Pattern Type and Motion Speed Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7QG6W

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  10. Multisensory Attention Assessment Protocol (MAAP) Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7.326

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  11. Infants crawling and walking over high and low bridges Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7MW2K

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  12. Absence of Construct Validity in Standard False Belief Tasks Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7Z300

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  13. Cultural transmission of social essentialism Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B7D594

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  14. Excerpts of Crawling Procedure & Locomotor History Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B75K5K

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  15. The development of predictive processes in children’s discourse understanding Databrary

    ID: doi:10.17910/B72018

    Release Date: 04-23-2017

  16. CSP-alpha regulates dynamin YPED

    Description: Brains from CSP-/- and WT mice were fractionated into synaptic cytosol fraction 2 (LS2), synaptic vesicle (LP2), and synaptic plasma membrane (SP). Th...

  17. ORF1p YPED


  18. Colangelo_PSD_MRM_Manuscript YPED

    Description: All data utilized for Colangelo et. al. (2014) manuscript.

  19. VEGFR3::YFP-Proteomic YPED

    Description: These are protein identifications from various experimental conditions of SVZ cells. Proteomics analyses were carried out on a LTQ-Orbitrap mass spec...

  20. Influenza study YPED

    Description: Virions are thought to contain all the essential proteins that govern virus egress from the host cell and initiation of replication in the target cell...

Displaying 20 of 101 results for " "