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  1. Serial block face scanning electron microscopy image stack of larval zebrafish olfactory bulb JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T1MS3QN7

    Release Date: 08-01-2016

  2. Data associated with publication "Dynamic modulation of visual and electrosensory gains for locomotor control” JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T1D798BQ

    Release Date: 01-31-2017

  3. Data associated with the Real-Time Monitoring of Under-Five Mortality (RMM) project JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T1F769G3

    Release Date: 01-31-2017

  4. Immigrant Incorporation in East Asian Democracies (IIEAD) Project: Focus Group Interviews in Japan JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T1PN93HH

    Release Date: 04-02-2017

  5. CSP-alpha regulates dynamin YPED

    Description: Brains from CSP-/- and WT mice were fractionated into synaptic cytosol fraction 2 (LS2), synaptic vesicle (LP2), and synaptic plasma membrane (SP). Th...

  6. ORF1p YPED


  7. Colangelo_PSD_MRM_Manuscript YPED

    Description: All data utilized for Colangelo et. al. (2014) manuscript.

  8. VEGFR3::YFP-Proteomic YPED

    Description: These are protein identifications from various experimental conditions of SVZ cells. Proteomics analyses were carried out on a LTQ-Orbitrap mass spec...

  9. Influenza study YPED

    Description: Virions are thought to contain all the essential proteins that govern virus egress from the host cell and initiation of replication in the target cell...

  10. Data associated with Improved Method for Interpretation of Concentration-Discharge Relationships in Riverine Water-Quality Data JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T18G8HM0

    Release Date: 01-31-2017

  11. Data associated with the Integrated Community Case Management of Childhood Illness (iCCM) project JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T19G5JRC

    Release Date: 04-02-2017

  12. Data associated with Wu et al. 2016 Tuning and stabilizing topological insulator Bi2Se3 in the intrinsic regime by charge extraction with organic over... JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T1RF5RZ7

    Release Date: 03-24-2017

  13. Data associated with publication “Walking dynamics are symmetric (enough)” JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T15Q4T12

    Release Date: 01-31-2017

  14. Raw monitoring data and WRTDS estimates of nutrient and sediment loadings at four upstream monitoring sites in the Susquehanna River Basin from 1980s ... JHUDMS

    ID: doi:10.7281/T17H1GG5

    Release Date: 01-31-2017

  15. Recombinant RAGE Binding YPED

    Description: Identification of serum proteins that bind recombinant RAGE.

  16. Quantitative Proteomics of Caveolin-1-regulated Proteins YPED

    Description: Abstract Caveolae are organelles abundant in the plasma membrane of many specialized cells including endothelial cells (ECs), epithelial cells, and ad...

  17. Thermo PTM Peptides 2014 YPED

    Description: ABRF 2010-2011 PTM Standards

  18. Choroid Plexus 2012 YPED

    Description: The role of the choroid plexus (CP) in brain homeostasis is being increasingly recognized and recent studies suggest that the CP has a more important ...

  19. Schizophrenic smokers YPED

    Description: study of plasma with HAPS and MAPS depletion age group 51-65 males

  20. ABRF 2011 sPRG - Round One YPED

    Description: 51 phospho, nitro, methyl, sulfo synthetic peptides from ABRF Proteomics Standards Research Group 2011-2012 Study.

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