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  1. Squid Giant Axon Membrane Potential PhysioBank

    Description: Squid Giant Axon Membrane Potential.The SGAMP database contains single-unit neuronal recordings of squid giant axons in response to stimulus currents....

    Data Type: physiologic signal

  2. neuroQWERTY MIT-CSXPD PhysioBank

    Description: neuroQWERTY MIT-CSXPD. Keystroke logs collected from 85 subjects with and without parkinsons disease (PD). This dataset has been collected and analyze...

    Data Type: physiologic signal

  3. MIT-BIH Normal Sinus Rhythm Database PhysioBank

    Description: MIT-BIH Normal Sinus Rhythm Database (including signal files not previously released). Also available: recordings excluded from the MIT-BIH Normal Si...

    Data Type: physiologic signal

  4. AF Termination Challenge Database PhysioBank

    Description: AF Termination Challenge Database. This database has been compiled for the PhysioNet/Computers in Cardiology Challenge 2004. It consists of a learni...

    Data Type: physiologic signal

  5. Time Course Data for Blood Pressure in Dahl SS and SSBN13 Rats PhysioBank

    Description: Time Course Data for Blood Pressure inDahl SS and SSBN13 Rats. Two-minute continuous non-invasive blood pressurerecordings from 9 SS (salt-sensitive)...

    Data Type: physiologic signal

  6. MIT-BIH Malignant Ventricular Arrhythmia Database PhysioBank

    Description: MIT-BIH Malignant Ventricular Arrhythmia Database. This database contains rhythm and signal quality annotations only (no beat annotations).

    Data Type: physiologic signal

  7. MIT-BIH Noise Stress Test Database PhysioBank

    Description: MIT-BIH Noise Stress Test Database. Twelve half-hour ECG recordings and 3 half-hour recordings of noise typical in ambulatory ECG recordings. The ECG...

    Data Type: physiologic signal

  8. Icelandic 16-electrode EHG Database PhysioBank

    Description: Icelandic 16-electrode EHG Database.122 16-electrode electrohysterogram recordings from 45 pregnant women,obtained at the Akureyri Primary Health Care...

    Data Type: physiologic signal

  9. QT Database PhysioBank

    Description: QT Database. Over 100 fifteen-minute two-lead ECG recordings (many excerpted from other databases), with onset, peak, and end markers for P, QRS, T, ...

    Data Type: physiologic signal

  10. ANSI/AAMI EC13 Test Waveforms PhysioBank

    Description: ANSI/AAMI EC13 Test Waveforms. These 10 short recordings are specified by the current American National Standard for testing various devices that meas...

    Data Type: physiologic signal

  11. Creighton University Ventricular Tachyarrhythmia Database PhysioBank

    Description: Creighton University Ventricular Tachyarrhythmia Database. This database includes a preliminary set of beat annotations (all beats marked as normal) ...

    Data Type: physiologic signal

  12. MIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database PhysioBank

    Description: MIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database. This collection of 48 fully annotated half-hour two-lead ECGs is available here in its entirety. The MIT-BIH Arrhythmia ...

    Data Type: physiologic signal

  13. 2010 Database PhysioBank

    Description: 2010 Database. Mind the gap.

    Data Type: physiologic signal

  14. Santa Fe Time Series Competition Data Set B PhysioBank

    Description: Santa Fe Time Series Competition Data Set B (data extracted from the MIT-BIH Polysomnographic Database).

    Data Type: physiologic signal

  15. Gait Maturation Database PhysioBank

    Description: Gait Maturation Database (a collection of data from healthy children ages 3-14)

    Data Type: physiologic signal

  16. MIT-BIH Atrial Fibrillation Database PhysioBank

    Description: MIT-BIH Atrial Fibrillation Database (including signal files not previously released). Signal files for 23 of the 25 ten-hour records are available, ...

    Data Type: physiologic signal

  17. CSP-alpha regulates dynamin YPED

    Description: Brains from CSP-/- and WT mice were fractionated into synaptic cytosol fraction 2 (LS2), synaptic vesicle (LP2), and synaptic plasma membrane (SP). Th...

  18. ORF1p YPED


  19. Colangelo_PSD_MRM_Manuscript YPED

    Description: All data utilized for Colangelo et. al. (2014) manuscript.

  20. VEGFR3::YFP-Proteomic YPED

    Description: These are protein identifications from various experimental conditions of SVZ cells. Proteomics analyses were carried out on a LTQ-Orbitrap mass spec...

Displaying 20 of 109 results for " "