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  1. Kaggle - COVID-19 Guatemala Covid-19

    Description: This dataset collected confirmed patient information including: age, sex, nationality, infection cause, infection date and others in Guatemala.

  2. Kaggle - COVID-19 India Data at patient level Covid-19

    Description: This patient level dataset obtained from It contains patient's demographic information, location, symptom, date, Wuhan history and source.

  3. Kaggle - COVID-19 Screening Center Covid-19

    Description: For safe and efficient screening for COVID-19, drive-through (DT) screening centers have been designed and implemented in Korea. Herein, we present th...

  4. Kaggle - COVID-19 Coronavirus Romania Covid-19

    Description: The dataset analyses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Romania.

  5. Kaggle - COVID-19 International clinical trails from WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRRP), Covid-19

    Description: This is the dataset of all the Clinical Trails that are restisted in the USA, China, EU, Australia, Brazel, South Korea, India, Cuba, Germany, Iran, U...

  6. Kaggle - COVID-19 in Europe Covid-19

    Description: The dataset contains the latest available public data on COVID-19 including a daily situation update, the epidemiological curve and the global geograp...

  7. Kaggle - Coronavirus (COVID-19) drug discovery Covid-19

    Description: This is a drug discovery dataset generated from Wuhan Institute of Virology open source.

  8. Kaggle - HowsMyFlattening COVID-19 Challenges Covid-19

    Description: It provides daily data from HowsMyFlattening data repository, featuring a crowdsourced NPI dataset covering region across Canada compiled by team led ...

  9. Kaggle - COVID-19 lockdown dates by country Covid-19

    Description: It provides a list of lockdown dates for each countries. A lockdown is assumed to be complete when all schools and non-essential businesses are close...

  10. Kaggle - COVID-19 dataset worldwide Covid-19

    Description: This is a full version of the csv dataset from John Hopkins CSSE. This dataset will update everyday.

  11. Kaggle - COVID-19 CCAA dataset in Spain Covid-19

    Description: The dataset was extracted from github repository. It contains state level case number, recovered number, deaths in Spain.

  12. Kaggle - Bangladesh COVID-19 daily dataset Covid-19

    Description: On 8 March, Bangladesh has confirmed 3 laboratories tested coronavirus cases for the very first time. This Dataset file contains the data for analysin...

  13. COVID-19 Resource Center Covid-19

    Description: The Lancet family of journals are committed to publishing the latest and most rigorous science to inform clinical and public health responses to the c...

  14. Kaggle - Time series COVID-19 India Data at state level Covid-19

    Description: This is COVID-19 dataset in India. It contains age group population distribution, time series of cases and recovered, time series case statistic at st...

  15. COVID-19 dataset from Worldometer Covid-19

    Description: This dataset has information on the number of affected cases, deaths and recovery from 2019 novel coronavirus.

  16. Kaggle - Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Italy Dataset Covid-19

    Description: This dataset provides updated COVID-19 cases in Italy. The data provided by Italian Ministry of Health and Italian Civil Department and age classes an...

  17. COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge (CORD-19). An AI challenge with AI2, CZI, MSR, Georgetown, NIH & The White House Covid-19

    Description: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the White House and a coalition of leading research groups have prepared the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (COR...

  18. COVID-19 CBC News Coronavirus/COVID-19 articles (NLP) Covid-19

    Description: This dataset contains the authors, the title, the publish date, the description about the story, the main story, and the url from CBC news articles re...

  19. Kaggle - COVID-19 medical papers Covid-19

    Description: This is a collection of 13,000 medical papers related to covid and covid-like viral infections.

  20. Kaggle - COVID-19 dataset in Japan Covid-19

    Description: This dataset contains COVID-19 cases information and population information in Japan without cases in Diamond Princess cruise ship.

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