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Title Creators Released Date Description
Behavioral and electrophysiological studies of the avian thalamic song nucleus Uvaeformis including multiunit recordings in awake, behaving birds and song recordings from adult birds pre- and post-lesion of Uva. Danish, Husain H
Aronov, Dmitriy
04-17-2017 This data set contains multiunit recordings of neurons in the thalamic nucleus Uvaef...
A map of anticipatory activity in mouse motor cortex, measured with calcium imaging and silicon probes, as described in Chen et al 2017 ,
Li, Nuo
Svoboda, Karel
04-17-2017 (This data is not yet available but is expected to be sometime during 2017).
Data related to: Layer 4 fast-spiking interneurons filter thalamocortical signals during active somatosensation. Yu, Gutnisky, Hires, Svoboda, Nature Neurosci. 2016. ,
Gutnisky, Diego
Hires, Samuel Andrew
Svoboda, Karel
04-10-2017 (This data is not yet available but will be sometime during 2017). This data set inc...
Interspersed Distribution of Selectivity to Kinematic Stimulus Features in Supragranular Layers of Mouse Barrel Cortex. Martini, Francisco J.
Molano-Mazón, Manuel
Maravall, Miguel
04-10-2017 The data contain 2-photon calcium population recordings of responses to controlled w...
Data related to: A thalamocortical loop underlies selective persistent activity in frontal cortex Zengcai V. Guo, Hidehiko K. Inagaki, Kayvon Daie, Shaul Druckmann, Charles R. Gerfen & Karel Svoboda Nature. 2017. ,
Inagaki, Hidehiko K.
Druckmann, Shaul
Gerfen, Charles R.
Svoboda, Karel
02-27-2017 (This data is not yet available but is expected to be sometime during 2017).
Extracellular recordings from monkey hippocampus performing a virtual navigation task Wirth, Sylvia
Baraduc, Pierre
Planté, Aurélie
Pinède, Serge
01-18-2017 (This data set is expected to be available sometime during early 2017.) The dataset ...
Measurements of spikes in mouse VPM, barrel cortex L4 excitatory and PV neurons, as well as membrane potential measurements in L4 excitatory and PV neurons, during whisker-based object localization, as described in Yu / Gutnisky et al 2016. ,
Gutnisky, Diego
Svoboda, Karel
01-13-2017 (This data is not yet available but will be sometime during 2016).
Juxtacellular recordings from primary somatosensory cortex (vS1) neurons of adult mice performing whisker-mediated object localization. ,
Gutnisky, Diego
Svoboda, Karel
01-13-2017 These experiments probe neural dynamics in the mouse vibrissal primary somatosensory cortex (S1) ...
Extracellular recordings of dentate granule cells, mossy cells and CA3 neurons during spatial navigation and sleep in mice Senzai, Yuta
01-11-2017 This data set is expected to be available sometime during early 2017.
Spiking responses of LGN neurons in the mouse to drifting grating Scholl, Benjamin
Tan, Andrew Y.Y.
Corey, Joe
Priebe, Nicholas
12-10-2016 This data consists of spiking responses of LGN neurons in the mouse to drifting gr...
Spiking activity in area MT of awake adult macaques in response to complex motion features. Cui, Yuwei
Liu, Dave L.
Khawaja, Farhan A.
Pack, Chris C.
Butts, Danial A.
12-09-2016 The data set contains recordings of spiking response from 84 neurons in area MT of...
Multimodal spike data recorded from posterior parietal cortex of non-human primates performing a reaction-time task involving combined eye and arm movements while in a virtual reality environment. Buneo, Christopher A.
Shi, Ying
Apker, Gregory
VanGilder, Paul
12-08-2016 This data was collected from the Parietal Cortex of two male rhesus macaques (macaca mulatta) ...
Recordings from hippocampal area CA1, PRE, during and POST novel spatial learning. Grosmark, A.D.
Long, J.
Buzsáki, G.
12-02-2016 This data set is composed of eight bilateral silicon-probe multi-cellular electrophysiological ...
Intracellular, in vitro somatic membrane potential recordings from whole cell patch clamped rodent hippocampal CA1 neurons. Lee, Sang-Hun
Krook-Magnuson, Esther
Bezaire, Marianne
Soltesz, Ivan
12-02-2016 This data set contains the raw data files of current injection sweeps (generated by AxoClamp, ...
Firing pattern of O-LM cells in mouse hippocampal CA1 Quattrocolo, Giulia
Maccaferri, Gianmaria
12-02-2016 This data set includes the raw data files from some experimental O-LM cells featured in Quattrocolo ...
Utah array extracellular recordings of spontaneous and visually evoked activity from anesthetized macaque primary visual cortex (V1). Kohn, A.
Smith, M.A.
11-05-2016 The data comprise two conditions: spontaneous and evoked V1 activity. The data were ...
Simultaneous calcium imaging using GCaMP sensors and electrophysiology in L2/3 pyramidal neurons of the visual cortex in thy1 transgenic mice ,
Kim, Douglas S.
Svoboda, Karel
10-19-2016 (This data set is not yet available but should be sometime in late 2016, early 2017). ...
Simultaneous two-photon imaging and electrophysiological recordings from neurons in the mouse retina and primary visual cortex using OGB and GCamp6 Berens, P
Theis, L.
Froudarakis, E.
Reimer, J.
Rosón, M. R.
Baden, T.
Euler, T.
Tolias, A.S.
Bethge, M.
09-27-2016 This dataset provides data from N=50 neurons measured simultaneously using two-photon ...
Single-unit extracellular recordings of projection neurons in the premotor cortical area HVC of juvenile male zebra finches during singing. ,
09-26-2016 This data set contains extracellular recordings of projection neurons in the premotor ...
Temporal properties of mouse hippocampal CA3 area PV and CCK inhibitory neuron transmission measured by physiologically relevant action potential sequences. Kohus, Zsolt
Gulyás, Attila I
09-01-2016 The data set contains raw data and values of inhibitory transmission parameters (IPS...