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Title ID Creators Released Date
Simulating neurons and networks with Brian 2 doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0177 Stimberg, Marcel
Goodman, Dan F.
Brette, Romain
A simple and practical prototype of a sensorimotor EEG device doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0188 Ehrlich, Stefan
Alves-Pinto, Ana
Lampe, Renée
Cheng, Gordon
A universal transition from unstructured to structured neural maps doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0183 Weigand, Marvin
Sartori, Fabio
Cuntz, Hermann
Dynamic causal modelling of cortical – basal ganglia interactions doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0195 Van Wijk, Bernadette C.
Cagnan, Hayriye
Litvak, Vladimir
Friston, Karl
Phase precession and the temporal compression of sequences - what could possibly go wrong? doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0206 Reifenstein, Eric T.
Schreiber, Susanne
Kempter, Richard
An Investigation of the Self-Organization of Synaptic Lifetime Distributions doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0201 Miner, Daniel
Triesch, Jochen
Functional STDP-like Plasticity under Somato-Dendritic Prediction Error Learning doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0208 Spicher, Dominik
Clopath, Claudia
Senn, Walter
Inferring directed whole-brain connectivity from fast BOLD-fMRI signals doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0219 Schiefer, Jonathan
Arand, Carolin
Hennig, Jürgen
LeVan, Pierre
Rotter, Stefan
Behavior specific spike patterns in macaque motor cortex during an instructed-delay reach-to-grasp task doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0214 Quaglio, Pietro
Torre, Emiliano
Denker, Michael
Brochier, Thomas
Riehle, Alexa
Grün, Sonja
Function and energy consumption constrain biophysical properties of neurons - an example from the auditory brainstem doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0169 Remme, Michiel
Rinzel, John
Schreiber, Susanne
Texture synthesis using random shallow neural networks doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0226 Ustyuzhaninov, Ivan
Brendel, Wieland
Gatys, Leon
Bethge, Matthias
Classifying the spatiotemporal patterns within stage II retinal waves through dynamical systems analysis doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0150 Karvouniari, Dora
Gil, Lionel
Marre, Olivier
Picaud, Serge
Cessac, Bruno
How does an oscillatory drive shape the correlations in binary networks? doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0155 Kühn, Tobias
Denker, Michael
PortaMana, PierGianLuca
Grün, Sonja
Helias, Moritz
Influence of Input Timing Variance on the Performance of Reservoir Networks doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0162 Nachstedt, Timo
Wörgötter, Florentin
Tetzlaff, Christian
DeepGaze II: Explaining nearly all information in image-based saliency using features trained on object detection doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0132 Kümmerer, Matthias
Wallis, Thomas S.
Bethge, Matthias
Automated Characterization of Visual Performance in Mice Based on the Optomotor Reflex doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0137 Mutter, Marion
Benkner, Boris
Münch, Thomas
Mean-field model of auditory cortex explains the differences in neuromagnetic fields evoked by dissonant and consonant dyads doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0144 Tabas, Alejandro
Andermann, Martin
Sebold, Valeria
Rupp, André
Balaguer-Ballester, Emili
Synergy in the linear decoding of random motion trajectories from populations of direction-selective ganglion cells doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0131 Kühn, Norma K.
Gollisch, Tim
Phase transition to stochastic synchrony in the balanced networks doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0066 Farkhooi, Farzad
Stannat, Wilhelm
Correlates of measurement and reproduction of temporal intervals in rodent prefrontal cortex doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0041 Henke, Josephine
Thurley, Kay
A novel synaptic plasticity rule for detailed model neurons doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0095 Ebner, Christian
Clopath, Claudia
Jedlicka, Peter
Cuntz, Hermann
Detectability of single-cell stimulation in large spiking neural networks doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0048 Bernardi, Davide
Lindner, Benjamin
Cognitive biases interact with the unsupervised bias in a model of roving during perceptual learning doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0085 Higgins, David C.
Sprekeler, Henning
Detecting Changes in the Intensity and Regularity of Neuronal Spike Trains doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0124 Messer, Michael
Albert, Stefan
Schiemann, Julia
Roeper, Jochen
Schneider, Gaby
On higher order computations in the human brain: IT point of view doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0090 Ambroszkiewicz, Stanisław M.. 09-16-2016
Efficient encoding of natural head motion doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0119 Hausamann, Peter
Glasauer, Stefan
Kleinsteuber, Martin
MacNeilage, Paul
Transition to chaos in random neural networks in the presence of noise doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0072 Goedeke, Sven
Schuecker, Jannis
Helias, Moritz
Dimensionality Reduction in spatio-temporal MaxEnt models and analysis of Retinal Ganglion Cell Spiking Activity in experiments doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0126 Herzog, Ruben
Escobar, Maria-Jose
Palacios, Adrian
Cessac, Bruno
The functional role of inhibitory neuron types: A theoretical study. doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0077 Hertäg, Loreen
Sprekeler, Henning
Non-random network connectivity comes in pairs doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0079 Hoffmann, Felix Z.
Triesch, Jochen
Interneuronal gap junctions increase synchrony and robustness of hippocampal ripple oscillations doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0101 Holzbecher, Andre
Kempter, Richard
Structure of the noise in the entorhinal cortex doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0106 Nagele, Johannes
Stemmler, Martin
Herz, Andreas
Stability of sensory representations in the presence of synaptic turnover doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0034 Eppler, Bastian
Aschauer, Dominik
Chambers, Anna
Rumpel, Simon
Kaschube, Matthias
Connectomics through nonlinear dynamics? doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0054 Casadiego, Jose
Maoutsa, Dimitra
Timme, Marc
Multiscale approach to explore the relationships between connectivity and function in whole brain simulations doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0059 Diaz, Sandra
Nowke, Christian
Peyser, Alexander
Weyers, Benjamin
Hentschel, Bernd
Morrison, Abigail
Kuhlen, Torsten W.
A comparison of the computational methods for detecting bursts in neuronal spike trains and their application to human stem cell-derived neuronal networks doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0113 Cotterill, Ellese
Charlesworth, Paul
Thomas, Christopher W.
Paulsen, Ole
Eglen, Stephen J.
A visual pathway for looming-evoked escape in larval zebrafish doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2015.0201 Temizer, Incinur
Donovan, Joseph C.
Baier, Herwig
Semmelhack, Julia L.
Real-time Cerebellar Control of a Compliant Robotic Arm doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2015.0213 Richter, Christoph
Jentzsch, Sören
Röhrbein, Florian
Van Der Smagt, Patrick
Conradt, Jörg
Spontaneous emergence of structured responses in a random neural network in-vitro doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2015.0206 Schottdorf, Manuel
Schrobsdorff, Hecke
Stühmer, Walter
Wolf, Fred
Prolonged intracellular Na+ dynamics govern electrical activity in accessory olfactory bulb mitral cells doi:10.12751/G-NODE.VD9C21 Zylbertal, Asaph
Kahan, Anat
Ben-Shaul, Yoram
Yoram, Yosef
Wagner, Shlomo
The superposition of object-based and rule-based representations in inferotemporal (IT) cortex doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0003 Rust, Nicole 09-16-2016
Metaplasticity and spontaneous activity contribute to the heterosynaptic plasticity model of the granule cell model in vivo doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2015.0219 Shirrafi Ardekani, Azam
Jedlicka, Peter
Benuskova, Lubica
Abraham, Wicliffe C.
Brain-Computer Interfacing in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Implications of a Resting-State EEG Analysis doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2015.0224 Jayaram, Vinay
Widmann, Natalie
Foerster, Christian
Fomina, Tatiana
Hohmann, Matthias
Mueller Vom Hagen, Jennifer
Synofzik, Matthis
Schoelkopf, Bernhard
Schoels, Ludger
Grosse-Wentrup, Moritz
Causal Bayesian Inference in hierarchical distributed computation in the Cortex, towards a neural model doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2015.0182 Firouzi, Mohsen
Glasauer, Stefan
Conradt, Jörg
Neurocomputational modelling of semantic grounding in the brain using graded response and spiking neurons doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2015.0170 Tomasello, Rosario
Garagnani, Max
Wennekers, Thomas
Pulvermüller, Friedemann
Networks of grid cells self-organizing in a sphere doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2015.0175 Gu, Yuqiao
Urdapillete, Eugenio
Treves, Alessandro
Reward prediction errors refine sensory representations in a neural network model doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2015.0195 Holca-Lamarre, Raphael
Lücke, Jörg
Obermayer, Klaus
An Onset Enhancement Algorithm for Improving ITD-Based Source Localization by Bilateral Cochlear Implant Users in Reverberant Conditions doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2015.0200 Wijetillake, Aswin A.
Seeber, Bernhard U.
Visual tuning properties of tectal neurons in zebrafish doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2015.0193 Bergmann, Katharina
Santoscoy, Paola M.
Cunliffe, Vincent T.
Nikolaev, Anton
Postnatal development of spontaneous activity in rat somatosensory cortex doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2015.0188 Fucke, Thomas
Hass, Joachim
Schmitz, Christian
Berberich, Sven
Hahn, Thomas