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Dataset Title Keywords Date Released Description
Cas9 gRNA engineering for selectable genome editing, activation and repression RNA-seq of coding RNA 09-07-2015 RNA-Seq after Cas9-gRNA transfection with different length gRNAs we performed PolyA Selection and RN...
Transcriptome Sequencing During Mouse Brain Development Identifies Long Non-Coding RNAs Functionally Involved in Neurogenic Commitment RNA-seq of coding RNA 06-03-2014 Transcriptome analysis of somatic stem cells and their progeny is fundamental to identify new factor...
Human primary and secondary glioblastoma vs. non-neoplastic adult brain tissue transcription profiling by array 05-04-2014 MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small (21-25 nucleotide in length) non-coding RNA molecules that negatively r...