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Title ID Description Date Released
MKK2 is sufficient but not necessary for proliferation and anchorage-independent growth of SK-MEL-28 cells E-GEOD-23930 Though mitogen activated protein kinase kinases (MKK or MEK) 1 and 2 are widely assumed to be functi... 06-24-2011
Expression Data from 24 orthotopic tumors grown in the pancreas of mice +/- MEK inhibitor PD0325901 E-GEOD-45758 Analysis of mRNA profiles after MEK1/2 inhibition in human pancreatic cancer cell lines reveals path... 04-04-2013
Expression Data from 22 human pancreatic cancer cell lines grown in triplicates +/- MEK inhibitor CI-1040 E-GEOD-45757 Analysis of mRNA profiles after MEK1/2 inhibition in human pancreatic cancer cell lines reveals path... 04-04-2013
Transcription profiling by array of human MCF10A cells over-expressing HRas or MEK1 E-GEOD-12764 MCF10A cells were then transfected with MEK1(S217S221), HRAS(G12V), and null control vectors; Cells ... 01-17-2009
Analysis of A375 and A375 clones that acquired resistance to GSK2118436 after treatment with GSK2118436 (GSK436), GSK1120212 (GSK212), or the combination of GSK2118436 and GSK1120212 for 24 hour E-GEOD-35230 In an effort to understand the mechanisms of acquired resistance to BRAF inhibitors, we isolated clo... 02-01-2012
Transcriptome of mkk1-mkk2 mutants E-GEOD-24516 au08-02_mkk1-mkk2 - mkk1-mkk2 - Functional redundancy of the two MAPKKs MKK1 and MKK2. - mkk1 and mk... 10-11-2010
Microarray analysis of gene expression profiles in Map2k1+/-Map2k2+/- and Map2k1flox/-Map2k2+/-Tg+/Sox2Cre placentas E-GEOD-51644 The mammalian genome contains two ERK/MAP kinase kinase genes, Map2k1 and Map2k2, encoding dual-spec... 08-01-2014
Diverse and Targetable Kinase Alterations Drive Histiocytic Neoplasms E-GEOD-74442 Histiocytic neoplasms are clonal, hematopoietic disorders characterized by an accumulation of abnorm... 11-11-2015
Shp2 Signaling Suppresses Senescence in PyMT-induced Mammary Gland Cancer in Mice [Mouse430_2 array] E-GEOD-50517 In this study, we have used techniques from cell biology, biochemistry, and genetics to investigate ... 03-06-2015
Transcription profiling of human lung carcinome calls treated WITH Farnesol reveals Farnesol-induced apoptosis IS coupled TO THE endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress response E-GEOD-7215 Farnesol (FOH) and other isoprenoid alcohols induce apoptosis in various carcinoma cells and inhibit... 04-07-2008
Transcription profiling by array of Arabidopsis mutant for mkk1 and/or mkk2 after treatment with BTH E-GEOD-10646 Gene Expression profiling of the Arabidopsis thaliana MAP Kinase Kinases 1 (mkk1), MAP Kinase Kinase... 06-11-2008
Gene profiles of pathway interference downstream neurofibromin signaling E-GEOD-39764 Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor (MPNST) is a type of soft tissue sarcoma that occurs in carr... 03-15-2013
Reversible mRNA and miRNA expression patterns in the transcriptome of Rasless fibroblasts E-GEOD-45222 Analysis of the transcriptional profiles of mRNA and microRNA in Rasless fibroblasts. 4-Hydroxy-tamo... 11-27-2013
Keratin-dependent TSLP expression suggests a link between skin blistering and atopic disease E-GEOD-79596 Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a pruritic and inflammatory disorder characterized by elevated levels of t... 03-26-2016
Transcription profiling by array of HaCat cells with or without over-expression of BCL-3 E-GEOD-60551 Constitutive activation of EGFR- and NF-kB-dependent pathways is a hallmark of cancer, yet signaling... 11-04-2014
Gene regulation in a novel therapeutic approach that involves ceramide-induced apoptosis pathways E-GEOD-17525 We have used human umbilical vein endothelial cell line (HUVEC) as a model to investigate the effect... 08-27-2009
Human Toll-Like Receptors Pathway Array Data E-GEOD-33449 Endothelial cell (EC) Toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2) activation upregulates the expression of inflammat... 11-04-2011
Induction of Senescence in Diterpene Ester-Treated Melanoma Cells via PKC-dependent Hyperactivation of the MAPK Pathway E-GEOD-3484 The diterpene ester PEP005 is a novel anticancer agent that activates PKC and cures subcutaneous mur... 07-01-2010
BRAF siRNA NHGRI_Liang_BRAF E-GEOD-5481 BRAF, one of three RAF serine/threonine kinases (ARAF, BRAF and CRAF), plays a major role in the RAS... 07-07-2013
Transcriptional profiling of MKK4-depleted cells E-GEOD-19091 Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 4 (MKK4) is a dual-specificity kinase activated by environme... 09-30-2011