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Title ID Description Date Released
Single cell transcriptome analysis of mouse carotid body glomus cells E-GEOD-76579 The carotid body (CB) is a major arterial chemoreceptor containing glomus cells whose activities are... 03-15-2016
Adrenal gene expression profiles of male and female Kcnk3 null mice in basal conditions or after hormonal treatment E-GEOD-37825 Primary aldosteronism (PA) is a common form of endocrine hypertension suspected in the presence of a... 08-20-2012
Transcription profiling by array of hippocampi from rats after treatment with scopolamine and stimulation in a spatial memory task E-MEXP-920 Hippocampal gene expression profiling in scopolamine treated adult rats following stimulation in a s... 12-30-2006
Gene expression signatures in HuH7 cells transfected with super hybrid p53 version 2 E-GEOD-42493 The p53 tumor suppressor belongs to a gene family that includes two other structurally and functiona... 05-23-2013
Splitting the task - Ubp8 and Ubp10 deubiquinate different cellular pools of H2BK123 E-MEXP-3217 Genome-wide mapping of H2BK123ub, H3K4me3, H3K36me3, H3K79me3, and H3K79me2 using Affymetrix tiling ... 12-08-2011
FoxO6 regulates memory consolidation and synaptic function E-GEOD-42097 We used microarrays to assess gene expression differences in the hippocampus between FoxO6 mutant an... 11-08-2012
Transcription profiling by array of hippocampus from young, middle-aged, and old rats E-GEOD-854 Male Fischer 344 rats aged 4 months (young, n=10), 14 months (mid-aged, n=10), and 24 months (aged, ... 10-12-2007
Transcription profiling of rat CA3 region of the hippocampus following control task or spatial modelling task E-GEOD-11473 A theoretical framework for the function of the medial temporal lobe system in memory defines differ... 06-18-2008
Comparative genomic hybridization of wild type and myo1 knock out yeast to identify aneuploidies and CNVs in evolved mutants that can successfully perform cytokinesis E-TABM-557 In general, yeast strains with myo1 knocked out cannot perform cytokinesis, but some evolve new ways... 11-24-2008
Transcription profiling of wild type and myo1 knock out yeast to examine differential gene expression patterns in evolved mutants that can successfully perform cytokinesis E-TABM-559 In general, yeast strains with myo1 knocked out cannot perform cytokinesis, but some evolve new ways... 11-24-2008
Transcriptional effects of 1,25 dihydroxi-vitamin D3 physiological and supra-physiological concentrations in breast cancer organotypic culture E-GEOD-27220 Vitamin D may have anti-tumorigenic actions by influencing the gene expression profile of target tis... 02-11-2011
Behaviorally activated mRNA expression profiles produce signatures of learning and enhanced inhibition in aged rats with preserved memory E-GEOD-47867 Aging is often associated with cognitive decline, but many elderly individuals maintain a high level... 12-16-2013
RNA-Seq of E.tenella Houghton life cycle stages E-ERAD-109 Recent advances in high throughput sequencing methodologies allow the opportunity to probe in depth ... 10-08-2012
BASIC: B-cell receptor (BCR) assembly from single cell RNA-seq E-MTAB-4745 The B-cell receptor (BCR) enables individual B cells to identify diverse antigens, including bacteri... 06-02-2016
Wapl controls higher-order chromatin structure in interphase chromosomes (ChIP-Seq) E-GEOD-41602 Mammalian genomes contain several billion base pairs of DNA which are packaged in chromatin fibers. ... 08-09-2013
Social Regulation of Maternal Traits in Nest-Founding Bumble Bee (Bombus terrestris) Queens E-MTAB-1855 During the nest-founding phase of the bumble bee colony cycle, queens undergo striking changes in ma... 06-21-2014
Comparative Analysis of RNA-Seq Alignment Algorithms and the RNA-Seq Unified Mapper (RUM) E-GEOD-26248 A critical task in high throughput sequencing is aligning millions of short reads to a reference gen... 08-03-2011
Transcription profiling of brain samples from human control and schizophrenia patients who were treated with either typical, atypical or no antipsychotic medication E-MEXP-857 Multiple studies have shown that brain gene expression is disturbed in subjects suffering from schiz... 12-06-2007
small RNA profiling in human cell line following Dicer silencing E-GEOD-31069 microRNAs (miRNAs) are a large class of small non-coding RNAs which post-transcriptionally regulate ... 09-12-2011
A unique role of Cohesin-SA1 in gene regulation and development [Expression] E-GEOD-32234 Vertebrates have two cohesin complexes that consist of Smc1, Smc3, Rad21/Scc1 and either SA1 or SA2,... 03-15-2012