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Dataset Title Keywords Date Released Description
Nuclear HNRNPA2B1 HITS-CLIP and RNA-seq other
RNA-seq of coding RNA
08-20-2015 To identify HNRNPA2B1 binding sites on endogenous nuclear RNAs, we performed HITS-CLIP for endogenou...
Sumoylated hnrnpa2b1 controls the sorting of miRNAs into two exosomes through binding to specific motifs hnRNPA2B1 04-16-2014 Exosomes are released by most cells to the extracellular environment, and are involved in cell-to-ce...
shRNA profiling of human Colo16 cells knocked down for Downstreams of hnRNP A2 RNAi profiling by array 05-01-2014 Limited knowledge of the downstream targets of hnRNP A2/B1 has, however, precluded a clear understan...
Arabidopsis Messenger RNA N6-methyladenosine Demethylation Regulates Plant Development other
RNA-seq of coding RNA
03-25-2016 N6-methyladenosine (m6A) is the most abundant internal modification in the messenger RNA (mRNA) of a...
Analysis of the gene expression pattern of bovine blastocysts at three stages of development transcription profiling by array 05-03-2014 Blastocyst formation is a primordial event of pre-implantation development since it is required for ...
Dysregulated Expression of Lipid Storage and Membrane Dynamics Factors in Tia1 Knock-Out Mouse Nervous Tissue transcription profiling by array 10-11-2014 During cell stress, the transcription and translation of immediate early genes are prioritized, whil...