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Title ID Description Date Released
Genome-wide DNA methylation profiles of human hepatocellular carcinoma E-GEOD-44970 Introduction: Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most aggressive solid tumors and oncogeni... 09-27-2013
MiRNA-127 Inhibits IgG Immune Complex-induced Lung Inflammation by Targeting IgG Fcγ Receptor I E-GEOD-27642 The molecular mechanisms of acute lung injury are incompletely understood. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are cr... 04-03-2012
Transcriptome profile of mouse lung dendritic cell subsets and macrophages E-GEOD-46680 Dendritic cell (DC) are critical initiators and regulators of immunity to pathogens, vaccines, tumor... 05-29-2013
Transcrription profiling of human monocytic U937 cells and receptor cross-linking E-GEOD-1537 Monocytic U937 cell lines and crosslinked CD32 & CD64 at different time points 08-07-2009
Transcription profiling of bone marrow-derived macrophages from colitis-resistant and colitis-susceptible interleukin-10-deficient strains stimulated with Cbir-flagellin E-GEOD-15318 Background and Aims: In the interleukin-10-deficient (Il10-/-) mouse model of IBD, 10 quantitative t... 10-09-2009
Murine Microglial Gene Expression after Abdominal Sepsis E-MTAB-4180 Mice underwent cecal ligation and puncture (19 GA with concurrent administration of imipenem), sham ... 07-01-2016
Expression data from a variant monocyte population following dendritc cell depletion E-GEOD-58263 Ly6C+ ‘classical’ monocytes respond rapidly to inflammation, either directly as effector cells o... 04-01-2015
Transcription profiling by array of monocytes and neutrophils from eight healthy volunteers to compare the expression pattern and validate sample purity by comparing expression data with previously generated data for monocytes and neutrophils E-MTAB-1573 Monocytes and neutrophils are both myeloid cells that have the same progenitor, the granulocyte macr... 03-20-2014
Transcriptomic profiling of lung monocytes and macrophages in mice E-MTAB-5012 We developed a simplified flow cytometry strategy in order to discriminate monocytes and macrophages... 03-01-2017
Expression data from Aortic Macrophages E-GEOD-68968 Normal arteries contain a large population of tissue resident macrophages (MΦ). Their origins, as w... 12-07-2015
Primary human umbilical vein and arterial endothelial cells E-GEOD-1539 Human umbilical cords were obtained from the Lucille Packard Children Hospital. In this study, we de... 12-30-2009