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Title ID Description Date Released
Regulation of exon definition and apoptosis by the Ewing's Sarcoma Protein E-GEOD-47790 The Ewing's Sarcoma Protein EWS belongs to the TET family (FUS/TLS, EWS, TAF15) of RNA and DNA bindi... 01-01-2014
RNA immunoprecipitation (RIP)-Chip analysis for EWS-bound mRNA E-GEOD-29313 Although EWS/FLI-1 fusion protein is responsible for most Ewing’s sarcoma family tumors (ESFT), th... 01-16-2012
Correlation between gene expression responses to FUS, EWS, and TAF15 reduction and the stress granule sequestering capacity E-GEOD-35578 Analysis of differentially expressed genes after siRNA mediated knock-down of the FET-family of prot... 02-07-2012
Low-dose actinomycin D preferentially disrupts EWS-FLI1DNA binding E-GEOD-45414 Fusion of the EWS gene to FLI1 produces a fusion oncoprotein that drives an aberrant gene expression... 08-26-2013
Regulation of FAS Exon Definition and Apoptosis by the Ewing Sarcoma Protein E-GEOD-48065 The Ewing’s sarcoma protein EWS belongs to the TET family (FUS/TLS, EWS, TAF15) of RNA and DNA bin... 05-21-2014
Targeting the EWS/ETS transcriptional program by BET bromodomain inhibition in Ewing sarcoma E-GEOD-72673 Ewing sarcomas (ES) are highly malignant, osteolytic bone or soft tissue tumors, which are character... 12-08-2015
Oncogenic Fusion Protein EWS-FLI1 is a Network Hub that Regulates Alternative Splicing E-GEOD-65941 The synthesis and processing of mRNA, from transcription to translation initiation, often requires s... 03-31-2015
Gene expression profiling of human Ewing sarcoma cells after knockdown of EGR2 or EWSR1-FLI1 E-GEOD-62090 To get insight in the functional role of EGR2 for Ewing sarcoma, we performed a transcriptional prof... 07-26-2015
RUNX3 Facilitates Growth of Ewing Sarcoma Cells E-GEOD-56900 Ewing sarcoma is an aggressive pediatric small round cell tumor that predominantly occurs in bone. ... 05-01-2014
Targeting EWSR1-FLI1 oncogene induced protein kinase C beta abolishes Ewing sarcoma growth in vivo E-GEOD-38392 Identification of druggable targets is a prerequisite for developing targeted therapies against Ewin... 06-30-2012
A new subtype of bone sarcoma defined by BCOR-CCNB3 gene fusion E-GEOD-34800 The identification of subtype-specific translocations has revolutionized diagnostics of sarcoma and ... 03-03-2012
Expression profiling of Ewing sarcoma samples E-GEOD-34620 Expression profiling of Ewing sarcoma samples in the frame of the CIT program from the french Ligue ... 02-11-2012
Expression profiles of Ewing family of tumors authenticate distinct molecular entities E-GEOD-60740 The concept of Ewing family of tumors (EFT), characterized by FET-ETS fusions, has been recently cha... 06-30-2015
EWS siRNA knock-down in HeLa cell line E-GEOD-22929 HeLa cell line was trasfected by a EWS siRNA oligo causing knock-down of EWS or a siRNA scrambled ol... 09-19-2011
Cotranscriptional exon skipping in the genotoxic stress response E-GEOD-21840 Pre-mRNA splicing is functionally coupled to transcription, and genotoxic stresses can enhance alter... 06-09-2010
Transcription profiling of human NOR1- and EWS/NOR1-overexpressing 293 cells E-GEOD-11185 To examine the differences between NOR1 and its fusion gene product EWS/NOR1, we compared the gene e... 01-14-2009
Transcription profiling of human pediatric alveolar (aRMS) and embryonal (eRMS) rhabdomyosarcoma, plus primary pediatric Ewings sarcoma (EWS) E-GEOD-967 Affymetrx U95Av2 GeneChip hybridizations, RNA extracted from primary human pediatric alveolar (aRMS)... 09-29-2007
Transcription profiling of human mesenchymal progenitor stem cells overexpressing EWS/ETS protein E-GEOD-8665 We have examined the biological effect of EWS/ETS in human MPCs using UET-13 cells that are obtained... 06-16-2008
EWS-Fli and LNC regulated genes in comparison to GFP samples E-GEOD-60949 RNA from A673 cells with shRNA-mediated knockdown of GFP (4 libraries), EWS-FLI1 (4 libraries), or ... 11-01-2014
pMPC EF vs control 3seq E-GEOD-60889 Ewing sarcoma is a highly aggressive tumor characterized by a translocation between members of the F... 11-01-2014