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Title ID Description Date Released
Serum-Mediated Responses in Normal and Transformed Oral Keratinocyte Lines E-GEOD-39376 Serum-driven responses, many of which are related to wound healing, are potentially deregulated in c... 01-01-2014
The Mycobacterium tuberculosis Clp Gene Regulator is Required for in vitro Reactivation from Hypoxia-induced Dormancy E-GEOD-64065 The isogenic Mtb:ΔRv2745c mutant is significantly more sensitive normoxia conditions after a period... 12-12-2014
Genes affected by SFRP5 overexpression in LSK cells and CLP E-GEOD-55646 To understand gene expression signatures between wild-type and SFRP5-overexpressing cells To examin... 03-20-2014
IL7R: WT vs mutant in vitro and in vivo E-GEOD-51211 The screening of putative candidate genes downstream of IL7R-INS in vitro KSL/CLP and in vivo (depic... 01-08-2014
Genes affected by Satb1 deficiency in HSC, LMPP and CLP E-GEOD-45299 To understand gene expression signatures between wild-type and Satb1-deficient cells To examine gen... 03-20-2013
Mesenchymal Stem Cells Reduce Inflammation while Enhancing Bacterial Clearance and Improving Survival in Sepsis E-GEOD-24357 Expression data from Total RNA extracted from murine spleen. Sepsis was induced in C57Bl/6J mice by ... 11-22-2010
Expression profiling of early lymphoid progenitors deficient for Ebf1 and Foxo1 E-GEOD-41931 Foxo1 and Ebf1 deficiency leads to a similar disruption of normal B-cell development at the level of... 11-01-2012
Mesenchymal stem cells reduce inflammation while enhancing bacterial clearance and improving survival in sepsis E-GEOD-40180 Expression data from Total RNA extracted from murine spleen, liver, lungs, kidneys and hearts. Sepsi... 12-31-2012
Transcription profiling by array of Mycobacterium tuberculosis clp gene regulator (ClgR) mutants E-BUGS-96 Chaperone and protease systems play essential roles in cellular homeostasis and have vital functions... 10-08-2010
Expression data from WT, HEB-KO and E2A-KO LY6D- CLP cells E-GEOD-27402 The E-protein transcription factors E2A and HEB play important roles at several stages of hematopoie... 11-22-2011
Transcription profiling of four mouse bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) early B lineage stages(MLP, CLP, Fr.A, Fr.B) to identify coordinately regulated gene as cells progress down the B cell development pathway E-MEXP-559 Differentiation from hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) to early B-lineage cells proceeds through a seri... 12-16-2006
The basic leucine zipper transcription factor NFIL3 directs the development of a common innate lymphoid cell precursor E-GEOD-62337 Innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) are recently identified lymphocytes that limit infection and promote ti... 10-16-2014
Streptococcus mutans UA159 vs. clp mutant strains E-GEOD-29871 Transcriptional profiling to investigate the roles of ClpP and ClpX of S. mutans RNA was extracted f... 06-10-2011
Host Responses to Sepsis Vary in Different Low-Lethality Murine Models E-GEOD-55238 The CS and CLP murine models of intra-abdominal sepsis have unique transcriptomic respones 2 hrs, 1 ... 02-21-2014
Reaeration timecourse from a defined hypoxia model E-GEOD-21590 Reaeration timecourse from a defined hypoxia model in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The mechanism by ... 07-28-2010
Transcription profiling of mouse models of sepsis cecal ligation and puncture and tracheal instillation of P. aeruginosa reveals bcl-2 overexpression modulates transcription responses in vivo E-GEOD-5811 Background: We hypothesized that spleen microarray gene expression profiles analyzed with contempora... 06-14-2008
Transcription profiling of rat liver samples from individuals subjected to burn injury or cecal ligation and puncture E-GEOD-1781 The experimental design included three biological replicates for each of the three conditions: Sham-... 11-03-2007
Profiling circulating microRNA expression in experimental sepsis by cecal ligation and puncture E-GEOD-47094 To profile the expression of circulating microRNAs (miRNAs) of mice in experimental sepsis by cecal ... 05-15-2015
Transcription profiling of mouse hematopoietic cells (GMP, CMP, CLP and HSC), FACS sorted from wild type and Mll-AF9 knock-ins E-GEOD-10627 The pathways by which oncogenes, such as MLL-AF9, initiate transformation and leukemia in humans an... 04-07-2008
Single cell analysis of the Common Lymphoid Progenitor compartment reveals functional and molecular heterogeneity E-GEOD-19142 In order to investigate molecular events involved in the regulation of lymphoid lineage commitment, ... 11-24-2009