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Dataset Title Keywords Date Released Description
Hs_Phospho_AspN_CID N/A 12-31-2015 Multiple protease based human phosphopeptide, AspN, CID
SHR_AspN_Velos N/A 12-31-2013 SHR_liver, AspN, LTQ Orbi Velos
BN_AspN_Velos N/A 12-31-2013 BN-Lx_liver, AspN, LTQ Orbi Velos
SHR_AspN_TTOF N/A 12-31-2013 SHR_liver, AspN, ABI TripleTOF
Hs_Hela_AspN_CID N/A 12-31-2014 Human hela proteome, AspN CID
Hs_Phospho_AspN_ETD N/A 12-31-2015 Multiple protease based human phosphopeptide, AspN, ETD
BN_AspN_TTOF N/A 12-31-2013 BN-Lx_liver, AspN, ABI TripleTOF
Hs_Hela_AspN_HCD N/A 12-31-2014 Human hela proteome, AspN HCD
Gene Expression Analyses of Subchondral Bone in Early Experimental Osteoarthritis by Microarray transcription profiling by array 06-02-2014 Osteoarthritis (OA) is a complex degenerative joint disease, which is not only a cartilage but also ...
Gene Expression Profiling of Peri-implant Healing of PLGA-Li+ Implants Suggests an Activated Wnt Signaling Pathway in vivo. transcription profiling by array 07-26-2014 Bone development and regeneration is associated with the Wnt signaling pathway that, according to li...
Proteogenomic analysis of Helicobacter pylori strain 26695 LTQ Orbitrap
Helicobacter pylori strain
Coding sequence
Signal peptide
08-01-2013 Dear Sir or Madam, we report an in-depth proteogenomics study of Helicobacter pylori strain 26695 a...
Combining solid phase extraction with ultra-short gradients in LC-MS/MS substantially improves protein identification per unit of time Hela
12-12-2014 Here, we describe a novel LC system enabling rapid protein/proteome analysis which requires
Integrative genome, transcriptome and proteome analysis of rat livers from two different genetic backgrounds Livers
11-29-2013 In this project, we aim to pair-wise analyze the genomes, transcriptomes and proteomes of in-bred ra...