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Dataset Title Keywords Date Released Description
Global transcriptome analysis on Ankrd2 deficient or overexpressing differentiating primary myoblasts transcription profiling by array 06-02-2014 To provide insights into the role of Ankrd2 in the pathways controlling myogenic differentiation, th...
Transcription profiling by array of human CHQ5B primary myoblasts silenced for Ankrd2 and control cells transcription profiling by array 06-03-2014 CHQ5B primary human myoblasts obtained from Dr V. Mouly (Paris, France) have been described previous...
Transcription profiling of muscles from mice subjected to a single bout of eccentric contractions to understand the molecular mechanism of eccentric contraction-induced injury. transcription profiling by array 03-27-2012 Mice were subjected to 50 eccentric contractions (EC) or 50 isometric contractions (IC) using a non-...