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Title ID Description Date Released
Global transcriptome analysis on Ankrd2 deficient or overexpressing differentiating primary myoblasts E-GEOD-43500 To provide insights into the role of Ankrd2 in the pathways controlling myogenic differentiation, th... 03-31-2014
Transcription profiling by array of human CHQ5B primary myoblasts silenced for Ankrd2 and control cells E-MEXP-2949 CHQ5B primary human myoblasts obtained from Dr V. Mouly (Paris, France) have been described previous... 12-31-2011
Transcription profiling of muscles from mice subjected to a single bout of eccentric contractions to understand the molecular mechanism of eccentric contraction-induced injury E-GEOD-435 Mice were subjected to 50 eccentric contractions (EC) or 50 isometric contractions (IC) using a non-... 11-06-2007