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Title ID Description Date Released
Differential expression of certain genes during somatic embryogenesis in leaf explants of Cichorium intybus E-GEOD-15502 In Cichorium intybus, macroscopic and histological modifications were identified during in vitro cel... 06-20-2010
Molecular Markers for Predicting Potato Tuber Bruise Susceptibility E-GEOD-8274 Blackspot bruising is the tuber discoloration resulting from mechanical damage in susceptible crops ... 09-01-2007
ECBiG PlasTi-microarray CSH validation E-MEXP-3220 Experiment evaluating aplicability of PlasTi-microarray for cross-species hybridization studies. Pla... 05-27-2011
Gene expression microarray of HT1080 cell line E-GEOD-58968 Analysis of the effects of genomic elements, gene transcritpion, and DNA replication on gene targeti... 07-31-2014
The budding yeast Centromere DNA Element II wraps a stable Cse4 hemisome in either orientation in vivo E-GEOD-51949 High resolution ChIP-seq mapping, supported by in vitro reconstitution studies, suggests that the Cs... 04-15-2014
Effect of topographical micropatterning on human endothelial cells E-GEOD-42596 Shear stress is known to regulate endothelial cell orientation along the direction of flow. We asked... 11-29-2012
Glioblastoma Cell lines vs. Normal Glial Cells E-GEOD-20723 Examination of alternative splicing in 4 glioblastoma cell lines (U118, t98g, a172, U87) vs. FGG cel... 04-07-2011
RIP-Chip analysis of Musashi (Msi1) in the Daoy human medulloblastoma cell line E-GEOD-30904 RIP-chip analysis to identify mRNA preferentially associated with Msi1 protein. RIP-Chip experiments... 07-25-2011
Brain transcriptomics of honey bee parasitized by Varroa destructor or Nosema ceranae E-GEOD-41109 In this study we addressed whether the transcriptome profile in the honey bee brain is similar for t... 09-24-2013
PatE in transcriptional activation of acid-resistance pathways of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli strain EDL933 E-GEOD-36922 An experiment to identify the downstream targets of PatE, a prophage encoded AraC-like transcription... 03-29-2012
Nascent RNA sequencing reveals widespread pausing and divergent initiation at human promoters E-GEOD-13518 RNA polymerases are highly regulated molecular machines. We present a method (GRO-seq) that maps th... 12-04-2008
Orientation-specific RAG activity in chromosomal loop domain contribute to Tcrd V(D)J recombination during T cell development E-GEOD-79892 T cell antigen receptor δ (Tcrd) variable region exons are assembled by RAG-initiated V(D)J recombi... 08-04-2016
Airn transcriptional overlap but not its lncRNA products induce imprinted Igf2r silencing E-GEOD-41444 To test if the imprinted long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) Airn transcription or its product silences the... 12-20-2012
Fz1Fz2 double knock out mouse palate microarray (E13.5) E-GEOD-24276 The closure of an open anatomical structure by the directed growth and fusion of two tissue masses i... 09-22-2010
Transcriptional characterization of maize roots in response to urea and nitrate E-GEOD-53102 Although urea is the most used nitrogen fertilizer worldwide, little is known on the capacity of cro... 03-02-2015
Identification of LIN28-bound mRNAs reveals features of target recognition and regulation E-GEOD-46908 The conserved human LIN28 RNA-binding proteins function in development, maintenance of pluripotency ... 06-25-2013
The insulator protein SU(HW) modulates nuclear lamina interactions of the Drosophila genome: DamID E-GEOD-20311 Specific interactions of the genome with the nuclear lamina (NL) are thought to assist chromosome fo... 01-24-2011
Drosophila COP9 Signalosome Subunit 7 interacts with multiple genomic loci E-GEOD-61605 The COP9 signalosome protein complex has a central role in the regulation of development of multi-ce... 09-22-2014
GATA3 siRNA in utricle sensory epithelia E-GEOD-14785 The inner ear utilizes sensory hair cells as mechano-electric transducers for sensing sound and bala... 06-24-2010
Transcription profiling by array of human chronic lymphocytic leukemia, colorectal cancer and normal samples to measure the transcription of pyknons loci E-MTAB-298 The transcription of pyknons loci was measured in several normal and malignant tissues including col... 07-14-2014