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Title Creators Released Date Description
Recordings from hippocampal area CA1, PRE, during and POST novel spatial learning. Grosmark, A.D.
Long, J.
Buzsáki, G.
12-02-2016 This data set is composed of eight bilateral silicon-probe multi-cellular electrophysiological ...
Behavioral and electrophysiological studies of the avian thalamic song nucleus Uvaeformis including multiunit recordings in awake, behaving birds and song recordings from adult birds pre- and post-lesion of Uva. Danish, Husain H
Aronov, Dmitriy
04-17-2017 This data set contains multiunit recordings of neurons in the thalamic nucleus Uvaef...
Data related to: Layer 4 fast-spiking interneurons filter thalamocortical signals during active somatosensation. Yu, Gutnisky, Hires, Svoboda, Nature Neurosci. 2016. ,
Gutnisky, Diego
Hires, Samuel Andrew
Svoboda, Karel
04-10-2017 (This data is not yet available but will be sometime during 2017). This data set inc...
Quantitative Single-Neuron Modeling Competition for year 2009, developed by researchers at EPFL. Data from Wistar rat cortical neurons and rhesus monkey lateral geniculate nucleus and retinal ganglion cells. Gerstner, Wulfram
Naud, Richard
Carandini, Matteo
Sincich, Lawrence C.
Horton, Jonathan C.
Adams, Daniel L.
Economides, John R.
06-17-2016 This data was used for the 2009 quantitative single-neuron modeling competition developed by resea...
Whole cell recordings from neurons in the primary auditory cortex of rat in response to pure tones of different frequency and amplitude, along with recordings of nearby local field potential (LFP). Deweese, Michael R.
Zador, Anthony M.
06-17-2016 The data consists of in vivo whole-cell patch clamp (voltage response) recordings fr...
Single-neuron spike train recordings from rat orbitofrontal cortex during an odor classification task. ,
Kepecs, Adam
Zariwala, Hatim A.
Mainen, Zachary F.
06-17-2016 This dataset contains the recordings from orbitofrontal cortex of three rats during an odor classifi...
fMRI of human visual areas in response to natural images Lescroart, Mark
Kay, Kendrick
Naselaris, Thomas
Prenger, Ryan
Oliver, Michael
Gallant, Jack
06-17-2016 This data set contains BOLD fMRI responses in human subjects viewing natural image...
Single- and multi-unit recordings from monkey primary visual cortex Ringach, Dario
Nauhaus, Ian
06-17-2016 Responses of V1 populations of neurons to natural image sequences. Data was obta...
Simultaneous two-photon imaging and electrophysiological recordings from neurons in the mouse retina and primary visual cortex using OGB and GCamp6 Berens, P
Theis, L.
Froudarakis, E.
Reimer, J.
Rosón, M. R.
Baden, T.
Euler, T.
Tolias, A.S.
Bethge, M.
09-27-2016 This dataset provides data from N=50 neurons measured simultaneously using two-photon ...
Multi-electrode recordings of anesthetized macaque V1 responses to static natural images and gratings Kohn, Adam
Coen-Cagli, Ruben
06-17-2016 This data consist of multi-electrode recordings from V1 in anesthetized macaque monk...
In vitro whole-cell patch clamp recordings from visual cortex neurons in the adult mouse. Berg, Jim 06-17-2016 The data sets consist of whole cell current clamp slice electrophysiology recordin...
Simultaneous imaging and loose-seal cell-attached electrical recordings from neurons expressing a variety of genetically encoded calcium indicators. GENIE Project, Janelia Farm Campus 06-17-2016 This data set contains hard won calibration data for in vivo imaging data using a va...
Temporal properties of mouse hippocampal CA3 area PV and CCK inhibitory neuron transmission measured by physiologically relevant action potential sequences. Kohus, Zsolt
Gulyás, Attila I
09-01-2016 The data set contains raw data and values of inhibitory transmission parameters (IPS...
Development of a birdsong motor circuit with antidromically-identified neurons: Spontaneous spiking data from anesthetized juvenile and adult zebra finch HVC. Day, Nancy F.
Nick, Teresa A.
06-17-2016 This data set contains recordings from the cortical song nucleus HVC of anesthetized ...
Single-unit recordings from multiple auditory areas in male zebra finches Theunissen, Frederic E.
Gill, Patrick
Noopur, Amin
Zhang, Junli
Woolley, Sarah M. N.
Fremouw, Thane
06-17-2016 This data set contains about 500 single-unit recordings from different audio areas i...
Intracellular, in vitro somatic membrane potential recordings from whole cell patch clamped rodent hippocampal CA1 neurons. Lee, Sang-Hun
Krook-Magnuson, Esther
Bezaire, Marianne
Soltesz, Ivan
12-02-2016 This data set contains the raw data files of current injection sweeps (generated by AxoClamp, ...
Data related to: A thalamocortical loop underlies selective persistent activity in frontal cortex Zengcai V. Guo, Hidehiko K. Inagaki, Kayvon Daie, Shaul Druckmann, Charles R. Gerfen & Karel Svoboda Nature. 2017. ,
Inagaki, Hidehiko K.
Druckmann, Shaul
Gerfen, Charles R.
Svoboda, Karel
02-27-2017 (This data is not yet available but is expected to be sometime during 2017).
Eye-tracking data from human volunteers watching complex video stimuli. Itti, Laurent
Carmi, Ran
06-17-2016 This freely shared dataset consists of a body of 520 human eye-tracking data traces obtained while n...
Spontaneous spiking activity of hundreds of neurons in mouse somatosensory cortex slice cultures recorded using a dense 512 electrode array. Ito, Shinya
Timme, Nicholas M.
Hottowy, Pawel
Litke, Alan M.
Beggs, John M.
07-29-2016 These data contain a record of neuron spiking activity in mouse somatosensory cortex...
Measurements of spikes in mouse VPM, barrel cortex L4 excitatory and PV neurons, as well as membrane potential measurements in L4 excitatory and PV neurons, during whisker-based object localization, as described in Yu / Gutnisky et al 2016. ,
Gutnisky, Diego
Svoboda, Karel
01-13-2017 (This data is not yet available but will be sometime during 2016).