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Title: Controls Data (Geographic, Climatic etc.)      
The variables contained in this dataset are drawn from numerous datasets and standard reference sources. They provide geographic, climatic, demographic, sociological and international information about the countries in the dataset. The geographic data includes details regarding the location and size of countries and also information concerning the infrastructure of those countries. The climatic data has information on the occurrence of drought as well as information on rainfall and temperature. Demographic data includes information on population and urbanization as well as information on ethnicity and religion. The sociological data includes information on human capital: education and health. Finally, the international data has information regarding groups of which the countries are members as well as variables that may act as indicators of global economic conditions.
Robert Bates; Karen Feree; James Habyarimana; Macartan Humphreys; Smita Singh, 2010, "Controls Data (Geographic, Climatic etc.)",, Harvard Dataverse, V1
Robert Bates
Karen Feree
James Habyarimana
Macartan Humphreys
Smita Singh