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Title: [ISSP02]² International Social Survey Programme (ISSP), 2002 : Family and Changing Gender Roles III      
The International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) is a continuing annual programme of cross-national collaboration on surveys covering topics important for social science research. It brings together pre-existing national social science projects and co-ordinates research goals, thereby adding a cross-national, cross-cultural perspective to the individual, national studies. Formed in 1983, the group develops topical modules dealing with important areas of social science as supplements to regular Participating countries vary for each topical module. This survey focused on the significance of family and changing gender roles. Topics included: attitude towards working women and mothers; attitude to role distribution of man and woman; attitude towards partnership, marriage and divorce; attitude towards children; maternity leave and financial benefits for childcare; preferred extent of employment of women during various stages of child raising; couple's organisation of income; distribution of household chores; hours spent on household work; disagreements about and attitudes towards distribution of household chores; which partner makes the decisions about how to bring up children; which partner has the highest income; stress and time available to do things at home or work; ability to concentrate or function well; level of happiness; job satisfaction; family life satisfaction; whether mother worked for pay during respondent's childhood; whether respondent/partner worked at various stages of child-raising.
International Social Survey Programme; Gibson, Rachel; Haller, Max; Celi-Scalon, Maria; Dimova, Lilia; Pammett, Jon; Lehmann, Carla; Papageorgiou, Bambos; Mateju, Petr; Goul Andersen, Jørgen; Blom, Raimo; Carton, Ann; Lemel, Yannick; Harkness, Janet; Park, Alison; Robert, Peter; Ward, Connor; Lewin-Epstein, Noah; Diotallevi, Luca; Aramaki, Hiroshi; Tabuns, Aivars; Curiel-Gutierrez, Federico; Becker, Jos; Gendal, Philip J.; Kalgraff Skjak, Knut; Mangahas, Mahar; Cichomski, Bogdan; Villaverde-Cabral, Manuel; Khakhalina, Ludmila; Piscova, Magdalena; Hafner-Fink, Mitja; Struwig, Jare; Diez Nicolas, Juan; Sang-Wook, Kim; Edlund, Jonas; Joye, Dominique; Fu, Yang-Chin; Piani, Giorgina; Smith, Tom W.; Briceno-Leon, Roberto; Uher, Rolf; Kalgraff Skjak, Knut, 2012, "[ISSP02]² International Social Survey Programme (ISSP), 2002 : Family and Changing Gender Roles III"
International Social Survey Programme
Gibson, Rachel
Haller, Max
Celi-Scalon, Maria
Dimova, Lilia
Pammett, Jon
Lehmann, Carla
Papageorgiou, Bambos
Mateju, Petr
Goul Andersen, Jørgen
Blom, Raimo
Carton, Ann
Lemel, Yannick
Harkness, Janet
Park, Alison
Robert, Peter
Ward, Connor
Lewin-Epstein, Noah
Diotallevi, Luca
Aramaki, Hiroshi
Tabuns, Aivars
Curiel-Gutierrez, Federico
Becker, Jos
Gendal, Philip J.
Kalgraff Skjak, Knut
Mangahas, Mahar
Cichomski, Bogdan
Villaverde-Cabral, Manuel
Khakhalina, Ludmila
Piscova, Magdalena
Hafner-Fink, Mitja
Struwig, Jare
Diez Nicolas, Juan
Sang-Wook, Kim
Edlund, Jonas
Joye, Dominique
Fu, Yang-Chin
Piani, Giorgina
Smith, Tom W.
Briceno-Leon, Roberto
Uher, Rolf
Harvard University
Dataverse Network Project