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Title: [ISSP98]² International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) : Religion II      
The International Social Survey Program (ISSP) is an ongoing program of crossnational collaboration. Formed in 1983, the group develops topical modules dealing with important areas of social science as supplements to regular national surveys. The 1998 religion module includes data from Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, the Slovakian Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States. Comparable to the initial module on this topic (see INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL SURVEY PROGRAM: RELIGION I, 1991 [ICPSR 6234]), this survey covers three main topic areas: (1) general attitudes toward various social issues such as government, the legal system, sex, and the economy (e.g., opinions about personal happiness, government responsibilities toward citizens, abortion, male and female roles in the household, premarital cohabitation, personal trust and trust in others, confidence in various institutions such as legislatures, businesses, churches, courts, and schools, legal fairness, and the economic climate), (2) religion (e.g., role of religious leaders, role of science in relation to religion, attitudes about God, heaven, hell, and life after death, personal and family members' religious status, attendance at religious services, miracles, the Bible, the purpose of life, prayer, volunteer work, and religious commitment), and (3) demographics (e.g., marital status, age, sex, education, occupation, family composition, ethnicity, region, size of community, and political affiliation).
International Social Survey Programme; Kelly, Jonathan; Guidorossi, Giovanna; Haller, Max; Smith, Tom W.; Becker, Jos; Park, Alison; Ward, Connor; Kolosi, Tamas; Harkness, Janet; Cichomski, Bogdan; Kalgraff Skjak, Knut; Lewin-Epstein, Noah; Gendal, Philip J.; Luz-Guerrero, Linda; Khakhalina, Ludmila; Dimova, Lilia; Frizzell, Alan; Mateju, Petr; Onodera, Noriko; Toš, Niko; Svallfors, Stefan; Diez Nicolas, Juan; Villaverde-Cabral, Manuel; Piscova, Magdalena; Papageorgiou, Bambos; Lemel, Yannick; Tabuns, Aivars; Lehmann, Carla; Ahmad, Q. K.; Goul Andersen, Jørgen; Haag, Franz; Orkin, F. M.; Celi-Scalon, Maria; Briceno-Leon, Roberto; Uher, Rolf, 2012, "[ISSP98]² International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) : Religion II"
International Social Survey Programme
Kelly, Jonathan
Guidorossi, Giovanna
Haller, Max
Smith, Tom W.
Becker, Jos
Park, Alison
Ward, Connor
Kolosi, Tamas
Harkness, Janet
Cichomski, Bogdan
Kalgraff Skjak, Knut
Lewin-Epstein, Noah
Gendal, Philip J.
Luz-Guerrero, Linda
Khakhalina, Ludmila
Dimova, Lilia
Frizzell, Alan
Mateju, Petr
Onodera, Noriko
Toš, Niko
Svallfors, Stefan
Diez Nicolas, Juan
Villaverde-Cabral, Manuel
Piscova, Magdalena
Papageorgiou, Bambos
Lemel, Yannick
Tabuns, Aivars
Lehmann, Carla
Ahmad, Q. K.
Goul Andersen, Jørgen
Haag, Franz
Orkin, F. M.
Celi-Scalon, Maria
Briceno-Leon, Roberto
Uher, Rolf
Harvard University
Dataverse Network Project