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Title: [ISSP90]² International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) : Role of Government II      
The International Social Survey Program (ISSP) is an ongoing program of cross-national collaboration. Formed in 1983, the group develops topical modules dealing with important areas of social science as supplements to regular national surveys. This survey is the second one to explore the ''role of government'' topic. The first survey was conducted in 1985-1986 and is released by ICPSR as INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL SCIENCE PROGRAM: ROLE OF GOVERNMENT, 1985-1986 (ICPSR 8909). Participating countries in the 1990 survey include the Federal Republic of Germany, Great Britain, the United States, Italy, Hungary, Norway, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Israel. These data report citizens' opinions on the functions of their national governmentsand on what governments should and should not be doing. Questions were asked concerning taxes, gun control, cuts in government spending, government creation of new jobs, government spending on environmental concerns, law enforcement, health issues, education, defense, unem ployment benefits, and the cultural arts. Other items focused on the role of public protest meetings, publications, and demonstrations, and the legality of police surveillance, including telephone taps, opening mail, and detaining people overnight for questioning. Respondents were also queried about the role of government in several industries, including electric power, steel, banking, and insurance. Demographic variables include age, sex, marital status, employment status, occupation, union membership, education, political party affiliation, religion, left-right self-placement, vote in the last election, subjective social class standing, size of household, family income, and parents' education and occupation.
International Social Survey Programme; Kelly, Jonathan; Calvi, Gabriele; Haller, Max; Smith, Tom W.; Becker, Jos; Jowell, Roger; Ward, Connor; Kolosi, Tamas; Mohler, Peter Ph.; Mach, Bogdan W.; Henrichsen, Bjørn; Lewin-Epstein, Noah; Gendal, Philip J.; Mangahas, Mahar; Zaslavskaja, Tatyana; Dimova, Lilia; Frizzell, Alan; Mateju, Petr; Yokoyama, Shigeru; Scheuch, Erwin K., 2012, "[ISSP90]² International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) : Role of Government II"
International Social Survey Programme
Kelly, Jonathan
Calvi, Gabriele
Haller, Max
Smith, Tom W.
Becker, Jos
Jowell, Roger
Ward, Connor
Kolosi, Tamas
Mohler, Peter Ph.
Mach, Bogdan W.
Henrichsen, Bjørn
Lewin-Epstein, Noah
Gendal, Philip J.
Mangahas, Mahar
Zaslavskaja, Tatyana
Dimova, Lilia
Frizzell, Alan
Mateju, Petr
Yokoyama, Shigeru
Scheuch, Erwin K.
Harvard University
Dataverse Network Project