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Title: Los Angeles Times Poll # 1982-062: California State Election Exit Poll      
This survey covers the following issues and topics: Voted for Tom Bradley/George Deukmejian for governor (1); why did respondent vote for their candidate today (8); voted mostly for candidate respondent likes/ against candidate respondent doesn't like (2); voted for Jerry Brown/ Pete Wilson for senator (1); how did respondent vote on certain propositions (4); most important issues in deciding vote today (4); when decided who to vote for (1); President Reagan's economic program (1); government pays too much/right amount/too little attention to blacks and other minorities (1); most important vote respondent wanted to cast today (1); respondent does/does not keep a handgun in home (1); voted for Democrat/Republican/didn't vote in election for Congressman (1); Ronald Reagan job performance (1); Chief Justice Rose Bird job performance (1); which campaign was most unfair (1); personal finances (1).
Los Angeles Times, 2009, "Los Angeles Times Poll # 1982-062: California State Election Exit Poll"
Los Angeles Times