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Title: Roper Reports 75-10      
This survey covers the following issues and topics: Interest in current events; attention paid to recent news items; attitude toward Ford; approval of various Ford policies; approved of amount of foreign aid; preference for cutbacks in economic vs military aid; agreement with varies statements descriptive of economic aid; seriousness of oil shortage; advisability of making purchases now vs waiting; approval of various anti-inflation measures; knowledge of operation of Social Security system; knowledge of Social Security's current balance of payments; adequacy of income; national effect of New York City default; need for federal aid to New York; approval of import restrictions; agreement with various arguments for and against import restrictions; comparison of US goods with Japanese, German cars; Japanese and Italian appliances and clothing according to: quality and value for the dollar; approval of import restrictions on these items; knowledge of experiencing of problems with various consumer goods; changes in purchasing habits due to problems; economic and social reasons
The Roper Organization, 2007, "Roper Reports 75-10"
The Roper Organization