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Title: Gallup Poll # 1214G      
This survey covers the following issues and topics: Reagan's job performance; greatest threat to country: big business, big labor, big government; Reagan vs. Mondale in 1984; knowledge of Jesse Jackson; Reagan vs. Mondale vs. Jackson in 1984; decision by Midwest couple not to keep deformed baby alive; voter registration; labor union endorsement of presidential candidates; nuclear weapons' freeze; position on nuclear freeze if: defensive anti-nuclear systems prohibited, Soviet Union opposes; Soviet Union's position on on-site inspection of nuclear weapons; U.S. falling behind the Soviet Union in nuclear weapons vs. continuation of arms race; as greater inducement to nuclear war; United States vs. Soviet Union in nuclear weapon strength; likelihood of U.S. involvement in nuclear war in next 10 years; Reagan's handling of nuclear arms situation; possession of nuclear weapons and upholding of Christian ideals; main goals of the church; importance of religion in one's life; feelings about: changing moral standards, the religious/ spiritual climate, happenings in local church /synagogue; personal religious experience; born again experience; feelings about the bible; encouraging of others to believe in Jesus Christ; Catholics' opinion on allowing priests to marry.
Gallup Organization, 2007, "Gallup Poll # 1214G"
Gallup Organization