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Title: Michigan Election Day Voter Poll      
This survey covers the following issues and topics: Reasons for vote for U.S. Senate; U.S. import trade restrictions on Japanese cars; Governor William Milliken's job performance; government defense and military spending; vote for U.S. House of Representatives; Reagan's job performance in general and in respect to the economy; U.S./USSR nuclear weapons production freeze; Soviet agreement with bilateral reduction of nuclear weapons; Reagan's economic program; choice for 1984 Democratic presidential nominee; American military troops in Lebanon; controlling inflation vs unemployment to aid the economy and personal finances; Republicans vs Democrats in terms of ability to handle nation's economic problems; trust in Reagan; Reagan's re-election in 1984; his economic program in respect to fairness to the middle class; Reagan's statement regarding nuclear freeze advocates weakening America; Reaganomics; vote in 1980 Presidential election; U.S. military aid to Israel; political ideology.
NBC News/Associated Press, 2009, "Michigan Election Day Voter Poll"
NBC News/Associated Press