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Title: Survey of Job Opportunities, March 1986 [Canada]      
The objective of the Survey of Job Opportunities is to identify "discouraged seekers" and profile their characteristics. More specifically, the survey's purpose is to collect information on persons who are currently not employed and have not been actively looking for work in the past four weeks. In may parts of Canada, potential workers have a detailed knowledge of the annual hiring patterns of employers, and employers rely on the participation patterns of the work force. In these situations there is little, if any, job search activity by potential workers and minimal recruitment activity by emploeyrs. Since potential employers know the approximate dates, much of the hiring activity takes place by direct contact between employee and emploeyr Since 1979 Statistics Canada has co nducted an annual survey, sponsored by Employment and Immigration Canada, to consider and evaluate this theory. The survey is conducted in March of each year, and asks questions about job opportunities from the previous calendar year. The questionnaire has remained largely unchaged resulting in a wealth of data covering 14 years.
Statistics Canada. Special Survey Division, 2012, "Survey of Job Opportunities, March 1986 [Canada]"
Statistics Canada. Special Survey Division