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Title: OPOR Survey # 1945-048: Roosevelt Survey # 48      
This survey covers the following issues and topics: How much longer think war with Japan will last (1); government has gone too far/not far enough in asking people to make sacrifices for the war (1); San Francisco conference will/will not be able to work out a plan for an international organization which will prevent another world war (2); this country should/should not join the international peace and security organization worked out by United Nations at San Francisco even if we don't like some parts of it (1); what should be done with islands in the Pacific being captured from Japanese (1); United States cooperation with other countries (6); this country's interests abroad (1); present cooperation between Russia, England and the United States (2); think Russia will/will not help us by fighting Japan now that war with Germany is over (1); think England can/cannot afford to pay us back for lend-lease material (1); opinion of black people (2); 1944 presidential election (1); in what country were parents born (1).
Office of Public Opinion Research, 2007, "OPOR Survey # 1945-048: Roosevelt Survey # 48"
Office of Public Opinion Research