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Title: North Carolina Vital Statistics -- Marriages 1991      
The North Carolina State Center for Health Services (SCHS) collects yearly vital statistics. The Odum Institute holds vital statistics beginning in 1968 for births, fetal deaths, deaths, birth/infant deaths, marriages and divorce. Public marriage and divorce data are available through 1999 only. North Carolina law defines marriage as the legal union of a male and a female (G.S. 51-1). Legal divorce or annulment can occur only by decree of an authorized court. Annulments, which void marr iage from the beginning, constitute less than one percent of the sum of these events. This study focuses on North Carolina marriages for 1991. Data includes information on the age, race, previous marital status, and education of the bride and groom as well as the place, date and type of marriage. The data is strictly numerical, there is no identifying information given about the individuals.
State Center for Health Statistics, 2014, "North Carolina Vital Statistics -- Marriages 1991",
State Center for Health Statistics